3 ways a work experience placement can benefit your small business

We all know that work experience is beneficial for the student or prospective employee, but how can it help you as a small business owner?

This article is brought to you by Tom Concannnon who is currently on work experience here at Simply Business. Tom is currently studying Chinese language at university and hopes to one day conquer the Asian stock market - when he does, he will hopefully remember the 50/50 split he promised a Mr H Topping all those years ago..

A work experience placement can benefit any SME in many different ways, through recruitment, reputation, and even staff development. Although the young people coming to your company may be naïve to what actually happens within your industry, they offer more than you might think. These students are there to engage in the day-to-day aspects of your company and more often than not can surprise you as a business owner; simply put, they’re here to learn.


‘Try before you buy’ is a good term to explain how work experience can benefit your small business. Keep an open mind - in the end you may be working with potential future recruits! Furthermore, because your company may be smaller, you may not have the recruitment resources available that larger companies may have. Take advantage of student interest and embrace the situation for what it really is - an opportunity for you.


Being known as the business that employs young people in your area will not only help with local recognition, but help to cultivate regional awareness too. Allowing your potential employees to gain insight as to what an industry is like, and provide them with the tools to contribute in a positive way can boost your reputation exponentially. People talk, and when push comes to shove, you want them to talk highly about your business and help spread the word.

Staff Development

What better way to improve the skills of your current employees than by giving them a leadership position? Putting them in charge of potential recruits will improve their management, communication, and coaching skills. Allowing a student to gain work experience at your company is a great way for your employees to strengthen as individuals, and will be invaluable for the growth of your business.

Most young people seeking work experience are usually trying to make their CV look a little stronger in the competitive world that is out there today. To have a place to work immediately after graduation isn’t always a luxury for today’s kids.

In youth we learn, in age we understand – give youth a chance and your business will grow!

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