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Insuring over 1000 types of UK business

Find a policy that fits your business, whether you’re a consultant or a freelancer, and whether you run things as a sole trader or a limited company. We’ve even put together a special cover for online retailers.

With Simply Business you can choose the insurance and cover levels you need and get your insurance sorted in minutes. It’s quick, quality cover, no matter what type of business you run.

Can’t find a category that fits your business? Don’t worry - we’re able to cover over 1000 different types of business, so head over to our quote form and try our trade selector to find out.


Every consultant is unique, and with Simply Business you can combine PL, PI and more to create a tailored policy fit for your business needs.

Consultant insurance


For most contractors flexibility is crucial, and having a similar level of flexibility in your insurance policy is equally as vital. Include PL and PI in one policy today.

Contractor insurance


Freelancers have enough to think about without a complicated insurance policy. Tailor a single policy to your needs with numerous cover options.

Freelancer insurance

Home-based workers

Home-based workers have a unique set of risks, and whether your clients visit or not, you’ll still want the peace of mind to work to your limits. Combine PL and PI in one simple policy.

Home-based worker insurance

Home businesses

Running a business from home can often be a lifesytle choice. A tailored insurance policy gives you the comfort to concentrate on what really matters - running your business.

Home business insurance

Limited companies

We offer simple, yet comprehensive policies tailored to your company’s specific needs. Get a quote today for PL, PI and a range of other business covers.

Limited company insurance

Online retailers

We’re an online business ourselves, and we know that online retailers need tailored e-commerce insurance built around their needs. Choose from key covers and get set up in minutes.

Online retailer insurance


Running a business comes with enough complications, that’s why at Simply Business we give you one premium, one renewal date, and one set of documents, all tailored to your needs.

Professional insurance


Going it alone can be tough, and you’ll need support along the way. A tailored, simple insurance policy - including key covers such as PL and PI - can help when times get hard.

Self-employed insurance

Sole traders

Build a policy that suits your small business. Sole traders are the backbone of the economy, and you can include a range of covers to give your business the protection it needs.

Sole trader insurance


Every startup is unique, and your insurance should take your particular needs into account. Build a tailored policy that guards against the risks that your business will face every day.

Startup insurance


Many main contractors and clients will insist that their subcontractors have an insurance policy in place. Get the cover you need starting with public liability insurance.

Subcontractor insurance