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What insurance does a landlord need?

Landlords need to protect themselves, their properties, their own contents and their tenants. It sounds like a long list, but with Simply Business you can do just that, choosing from a range of key covers to build a single, flexible landlord insurance policy, with a single premium, a single renewal date, and a single set of documents. As a responsible, successful landlord, what covers should be on your list? Read on to find out what protection you might need.

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Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance covers you against the cost of damage to your property caused by disasters such as fire or flood. It’s very likely that your mortgage company will expect you to take out buildings insurance, unless you own the property on a leasehold basis, in which case your lease owner or management company may already have a policy. Remember that you will generally need to be covered for the rebuild value of your property. You need to find out what that figure is before buying your insurance.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance covers you against damage to your own possessions within the property. It’s a good idea to consider contents insurance if you let your property ready or partially furnished. You should remember, though, that your contents cover will not cover your tenants’ possessions. They will need to take out their own policy if they want their items to be protected.

Loss of rent

If your property becomes uninhabitable, for example because of a disaster like fire or flood, loss of rent insurance will cover you either for a proportion of your lost rental income, or for the cost of alternative accommodation. This will depend on the terms of your policy and the nature of the disaster. It’s important to understand that this type of insurance does not cover you against tenants simply failing to pay the rent.

Landlord liability

If a tenant or visitor suffers injury or damage as a result of a fault with your property, you are likely to be held liable. A single compensation claim in these circumstances can be financially crippling, but landlord liability covers you against these costs. You can easily add landlord liability cover to a new or existing landlord policy.

Alternative accommodation

If you’re contractually obliged to provide alternative accommodation in the event that your property becomes uninhabitable, alternative accommodation insurance will cover this cost. The property must be uninhabitable because of a specified and insured event in order for this cover to pay out.

Accidental damage

Accidental damage insurance covers you against the cost of repairs arising from unexpected events that cause damage to your property or contents. It excludes damage caused by normal wear and tear. Remember, accidental damage may be included as standard in your policy, so make sure you check before buying.

Unoccupied property insurance

Add unoccupied property insurance to your landlord insurance policy to protect your buy-to-let property even when it’s vacant, such as at the end of a tenancy or in between lets. While your house is empty, you may have to do certain things for your cover to remain valid. This may include making regular checks on the property.

Landlord home emergency insurance

Add landlord home emergency cover to your policy to get 24/7 emergency assistance if your property’s plumbing, drainage, heating or power supply fails, or if damage to your doors or windows compromises the security of your property. It can also cover the cost of alternative accommodation for your tenants while the problem gets fixed. Home emergency insurance includes boiler breakdown cover.

Tenant default and legal expenses insurance

Adding tenant default insurance to your policy means you’ll be covered for up to eight months of lost rent if your tenants fail to pay for at least two consecutive months. If you choose tenant default insurance you automatically get landlord legal expenses insurance as well, which covers property-related legal fees up to £50,000, including legal action to repossess your property or pursue unpaid rent.

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