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Build/Measure/Learn is central to our philosophy and we’re working on mastering it - which is proving a fascinating journey and challenge.

If you’re smart, passionate about technology and enjoy solving complex technical challenges then you should apply to join our award winning tech team. We believe that people are our most important asset and one worth protecting. As such, we’re known for creating an enviable working culture to keep our employees smiling on a day to day basis.

We offer flexible hours, remote working, paid company trips abroad, funding for training and conferences, Hackathons and the freedom to work on projects of individual interest.

In fact, our impressive and enjoyable working culture is highlighted by us winning the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies to Work for 2015 & 2016.

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Our tech & manifesto

Most of our applications are built with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Python, Scala, HAML, SCSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript and some Go.

They sit on top of different databases like MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Spark and ElasticSearch and testing frameworks like RSpec, Cucumber and Jasmine.

Glueing all this together we rely on RabbitMQ, Puppet, AWS amongst others.

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Our approach in a nutshell

  • Agile/Lean
  • Continuous delivery
  • Pair programming
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Active participation in open source

On top of these things, we’re also dedicated to building on our innovative working culture. We sit in cross-functional teams, our business people write code and we do things like fortnightly hackathons and weekly ‘level up sessions’ to continuously drive innovation across the entire business.

Our 2016 Hackathon – ‘Hack Something Better’

Check out some of the highlights from our 2016 Hackathon.

From Tinder-esque insurance to robotic drinks trolleys, Simply Business staff spent two days away from their day jobs to focus on building, well, whatever took their fancy.

Watch our robot drinks trolley whizzing around the office right here!

Some of our current projects

Seedy Seedy is our in-house custom built CMS. Essentially a hybrid, markdown based, sinatra driven CMS but with a TDD undercurrent. Content changes are no different to backend refactoring. Templates are written in a custom DSL that enforces our style guide while still supporting iterative changes and automatic deployment. Across the company people (including non-technical business teams) are now being tagged in pull requests, signing them off and even writing code themselves!

Aerie We’re completely overhauling our data and analytics architecture to embed data into the heart of everything we do. Using the latest approaches in event streaming, we are building a brand new data pipeline based on Kinesis and Redshift that will elegantly support the analysis of both structured and semi-structured data in near real-time. This will provide rapid and intuitive customer insight to our decision makers, while also providing exciting machine learning capabilities back to our core product offering.

How to apply

Our take on hiring loosely follows these three steps:

  • Send us a CV and/or links to your GitHub repos, blog, portfolio and whatever else makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • If it looks like a good match, we’ll set up an introductory chat. This could be a coffee in our office, or over the phone if more practical.
  • Time to meet the team! Come in, have a nose around and get a sense of how we do things. Depending on the role, you’ll be paired with one of our developers to help solve a challenge we may be scratching our heads over. This is an opportunity to really demonstrate your skills.

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If you can’t see an opening matching your skillset, then drop us a line with your cv and details to our careers team.