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Accessibility Statement

Our commitment to accessibility

Simply Business is committed to making our website as accessible as possible.

We want to provide excellent user experiences with high levels of accessibility and inclusivity, so everyone can use our digital services, whatever their abilities.

This reflects our mission, culture, and values as a B Corp – to have a positive impact on people, society, and the environment, by supporting customers and the communities they work in, and being a diverse and inclusive business.

Our ongoing site development and content creation is guided by best practice accessibility guidelines such as WCAG and ISO 30071-1.

Adapt your experience to your needs

While this site has been created to be usable ‘as is’, many people will get the most accessible experience by customising their device to suit their needs. For example, to get the site spoken to them, to change its colour scheme, or increase the size of its text.

If that sounds like it would be useful, we recommend that you visit: BBC My Web, My Way or WAI’s Better Web Browsing: Tips for Customizing your Computer to read or watch videos on how these customisations might suit you – whether using accessibility features already on your device, or through installing assistive technologies.

Limitations of this site’s accessibility

Through expert accessibility testing of our site, using representative assistive technologies, we’re aware that it has some accessibility limitations right now. We’re working to address these and to achieve higher standards of accessibility in compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA standards over the next few months.

The current known accessibility limitations of our website:

  • some elements of the interface (e.g. image and button) do not have descriptive alternative text
  • some video content does not have alternatives such as captions and audio descriptions
  • some headings are not marked up with the appropriate semantics and structure
  • some screen users may find it difficult to use forms as labels, grouping, and validation need to be improved
  • some content may not be easily readable by screen readers
  • some links may be difficult to distinguish from unselected button for people with colour deficiencies
  • some promotional content is presented as images of text
  • some text and images may be difficult to read due to low colour contrast
  • text is not resizable
  • some interactive elements such as tooltip, link, video, and button may not be focusable using the keyboard only
  • some elements that are not visible on screen may be focusable when navigating using the keyboard
  • the state of some navigation, interactive elements, and form controls may not be clear to screen reader users
  • there is no mechanism to skip repeating navigation
  • some PDF documents are not tagged

Please let us know if you have difficulties using this site

Contact us at [email protected] if you're having any accessibility issues that aren't listed on this page. By providing the information suggested in ‘Contacting Organisations about Inaccessible Websites’, you can help us to understand your problem quickly.

All constructive feedback about the accessibility or usability of our site is welcome.

This accessibility statement was last updated in July 2021 and follows the advice on accessibility statements in ISO 30071-1.

Accessibility Statement

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