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Sunday Times #1 best company

We’re hiring

With growing teams in London, Northampton and the USA (plus our remote teams), we’re always keen to meet talented people. This page gives you the roles we’re looking to fill – take a look and get in touch.

Already applied and want to get in touch? Hit us up at [email protected].

Can’t see a job for you?

We’re not ones for pigeon holes either. Email [email protected], telling us a bit about what you do. Our team check this inbox regularly and we’ll be in touch if and when something pops up.

Our values

At Simply Business, our purpose is to create something better. From better experiences for our customers to a better company to work for, it’s about learning and improving, all the time.

Our values – learning, empowerment, authenticity, pioneering, and simplicity – are at the heart of all we do. If you’re thinking about working here, give them some thought.

Our 2018 Hackathon

We run all sorts of hacks across the year. They’re a big part of our learning and empowerment values, and of course our passion for creating something better with technology.

Our last big hackathon saw cross-functional teams working on everything from a cashless solution for donating to the homeless, to a multi-channel PR campaign raising awareness for The England Amputee Football Association.

Perks and benefits

Very important, the perks. There’s all the serious (but important) stuff we call ‘core’, which covers your pension and life assurance, as well as other things. On top of that, you can pick and choose from the more exciting bits – whether it’s a full gym membership, private health cover, help with childcare, or a National Trust pass. Pop back a step and find out more about our benefits.

We do things differently

We believe that business should be a force for good. Profitability is important – and being successful gives us the opportunity to make a bigger impact – but having a positive impact on society and the environment is equally important.

From improving the lives of our employees and creating a better future through our charity work, to ensuring we don’t harm our environment – we have a proven track record of taking our social responsibility seriously, both for our workers and the wider community.

We’re recognised as an accredited B Corporation, and we’re proud to be part of a growing community aiming to redefine success in business.

Bring Your Child to Work Day 2018

Being a part of Simply Business, means being part of a company that cares. Whether it’s our support program for working families or our annual Bring Your Child to Work Day, we’re constantly looking at ways we can make our workplace more inclusive.

You name it, we insure it

At Simply Business, we not only insure small businesses – we celebrate them too. And how couldn’t we, with names like these?

Our ‘You name it, we insure it…’ campaign celebrates the brilliant businesses (and Simply Business customers) from around the UK who put a smile on the faces of their communities with their brilliantly punny names.

Watch the video to find out just how clever and creative our customers can be.

See for yourself

Check us out on Glassdoor or LinkedIn to get a better idea of how we work, and the people we work with.