Making a positive social impact

Creating something better for our people, society, and environment.

What we believe

We believe that business should be a force for good. Profitability is important – and being successful gives us the opportunity to make a bigger impact – but having a positive impact on society and the environment is equally important.

From improving the lives of our employees and creating a better future through our charity work, to ensuring we don’t harm our environment, we have a proven track record of taking our social responsibility seriously, both for our workers and the wider community.

We’re recognised as an accredited B Corporation, and we’re proud to be part of a growing community aiming to redefine success in business.

Being a B Corporation

In 2017, Simply Business became an accredited B Corp. This accreditation recognises our strong track record of having a positive impact on people, society and the environment.

We’re at the beginning of our B Corp journey, and although we’ve been recognised as a market leader, we’ll continue to look for more ways to support our workers, help others, and help preserve our world. Want to know more? Contact our Legal and Social Impact Director Kelly on or our Social Impact Programme Manager Chelsea on

Learn more about B Corp and see our Impact Assessment

Our Mission, Culture and Values

Our Mission is to create something better for our people, society and the environment. We want to change the insurance market for the better – both for the people working in it and our customers – and we believe a world class company culture is crucial.

And our values are a vital part of our culture. They’ll mean something slightly different to everyone who works here, but they’re central to everything we do.

Simplicity Keeping things simple frees people up to work effectively, be creative and focus. That’s not to say we don’t like a complex project (we love them), but we take pride in our ability not to over-engineer, or cloud.

Honesty We work in an open, collaborative way, with a focus on showing and telling. That means we share good news, but it also means we ‘keep ourselves honest’. We discuss things that have been difficult or gone wrong, and we ask for constructive feedback.

Authenticity We celebrate being human in all we do and value authenticity, whether it’s our own or a customer’s. We are not a faceless machine, but supportive of others, and approach things with compassion, practicality and our innate sense of fun.

Learning Whether it’s the person sitting one desk down, a team or the entire company, we listen and improve things based on what we learn. There’s a difference between a willing ear and lip service – we know this and we actively listen and learn to move forward.

Empowerment In choosing to work here, we put ourselves behind the wheel. We take real ownership, drive change and shape our own futures. And we empower each other to do this, right across the board by sharing knowledge, responsibility and credit.

Dedicated to giving back

Whether it’s trekking the Sahara or braving the Arctic, we like to go the extra mile when it comes to fundraising with our charity partners.

Our IMPACT team set the agenda for our efforts, planning some ambitious goals along the way. Working with the likes of Whizz-Kidz and the England Amputee Football Association, we’re dedicated to giving something back – whether that’s time, money, or something a little different. We’re always on the lookout for new ways we can help, and if you have an idea, we’d love to hear it. You can contact the team at

Learn more about our IMPACT programme

Creating diversity and inclusion

We firmly believe that a diverse workforce is crucial to success, with gender equality central to this.

That’s why we signed up to HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter, and are fully committed to creating a fairer industry. Our senior management have welcomed taking accountability for our gender diversity, and we’ve put strict measures in place to ensure we’re on track.

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Taking care of the environment

At Simply Business, we’re passionate about minimising our impact on the environment and making sure our activities do no harm to the world.

We even have a dedicated group of people tasked with working out the likes of how we can reduce waste, energy and water usage, and unnecessary travel. We’ve got a lot of big plans, but we’ve also got some little ones too, like litter picking days, water efficient toilets, and tree planting schemes. They’re all important, and we’re keen to make sure everyone does their bit.

Simply Business and Travelers

In 2017, Simply Business was acquired by Travelers, and during the process it was clear that it’s more than just insurance that we have in common.

Travelers have a strong track record for supporting the communities in which they work while creating opportunities for social change. With an aligned set of values, we look forward to working with Travelers in the future to extend our reach together.

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Working to the highest ethical standards

We’ve always thought that you are the company you keep. Being ethical and socially responsible ourselves is important, but it isn’t enough – we need to know that the suppliers we work with share our values.

Whether that’s prioritising greener, more local suppliers, or continually improving our supply chain reporting, we’re committed to operating to the highest legal, ethical, and corporate social responsibility standards.

Read our full Ethical Procurement Policy