Business health insurance

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  • 24/7 access to a virtual GP
  • Physiotherapy sessions on all plan levels
  • Access to private consultations, tests/scans, and hospital treatment
  • Gym discounts and home health check kits
  • All employee ages 16-69 cost the same

Health insurance benefits for your employees – looking after the health and wellbeing of you and your team

Help keep you and your team fit and well with access to practical health support including 24/7 private GP and nurse lines, physiotherapy, private specialist diagnosis and private hospital treatment. As well as helping to keep employees healthy and at work, private health cover is also a highly desirable employee benefit, helping small businesses to retain and recruit good people.

  • Fast – quick access to a 24/7 GP and to private consultants for diagnosis and treatment
  • Accessible – four plan options that can be tailored to your budget, starting at only £8 per month up to £48 per month
  • Practical – all plans have 24/7 GP access, physio sessions, health checks and gym discount

Business health insurance benefits

Employee health insurance – why is it important?

You’ll be eligible for healthcare cover with Equipsme if you (and any employees you’re applying for) are aged between 16 and 69 (59 if you’re a sole trader). You can also add your partner and up to six children (aged 25 or under) to your plan. There are no medical questions, but pre-existing conditions from the three years before your start date won’t be covered.

Health cover for your employees will start 21 days after you take out your policy. This is to give them time to add their families and upgrade their cover. If you’re the business owner and you’re only taking cover out for yourself and your family, your cover will start on the day after you buy it.

GP Plus plans start from £9 per person, per month

Other levels and options available inc. Dental & Optical most popular level costs £39 pppm

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Business health insurance FAQs

Whether you’re new to buying health insurance or you’ve had it for for a while, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about health insurance for small and large businesses.

Health insurance plan for business is private medical cover for you and your employees. If you or an employee gets ill or injured, it can help you access healthcare professionals and treatment quickly. It can also give added benefits such as access to nurse helplines, stress support, and online health checks.

Business health insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but it can keep your business running efficiently, as you and your team may not spend as much time waiting for diagnosis and treatment.

Health insurance for your business isn’t compulsory, but here’s why it’s worth considering:

Save time

Your business can’t function without you (and your team). If you or an employee gets sick or injured, private healthcare benefits can give you quick access to healthcare professionals, including GPs, specialists, and physiotherapists.

Get back to business

If you don’t spend as much time waiting for a diagnosis and treatment, you and your employees can get back to running your business and making money quicker. Buying private health cover for your business can also give you a more competitive price when compared to personal health insurance.

Attract good people

Staff like to know their employer is looking out for their wellbeing. Health insurance benefits and services for employees can be a big incentive for them to stay with (or join) your business.

The cost of business health insurance usually depends on the kind of plan you choose.

An employee health insurance plan from Equipsme starts from £8 per person, per month. The most popular plan, which includes private specialist diagnosis and private hospital treatment, costs just £33 per employee, per month.

With Equipsme employee health insurance plans, you have the option to select different levels of cover for different members of your team – helping you get the right cover for the right people, at the right price.

The Equipsme healthcare plan is available for businesses of all sizes that have employees. Equipsme’s plans cover:

  • the business owner (including sole traders aged 16-59 at the start of cover)
  • any employees that the owner chooses to cover (as long as they’re aged 16-69 at the start of cover)
  • an employee’s partner and children (aged 25 and under)

Cover for employees will start 21 days after you take out the company plan. This is to give employees time to increase cover levels or add family members. If you’re a self-employed business owner and you’re only taking cover out for yourself and your family, cover will start on the day after you purchase it.

A business insurance plan can protect you and your employees if the unexpected happens. It can also save time so they can focus on running your business, and it can help you to attract and retain employees.

You can choose a mixture of cover levels to suit your business needs and budget, depending on the number of employees you have. The plan will last for 12 months (unless otherwise agreed) and is subject to an annual renewal.

Pre-existing conditions that a person has had symptoms, medication, advice or treatment for in the three years before the plan start date aren’t covered.

  • Treatment of cancer – the plan doesn’t cover the treatment of cancer. However, members on cover Level 1, 2, or 3 have cover up to the point at which cancer has been diagnosed so the plan can help you find out what’s wrong faster
  • Pregnancy and childbirth – but the plan will pay to treat certain medical conditions that arise during pregnancy (depending on cover level including treatment)
  • Ongoing, recurrent, and long-term conditions – we call these “chronic conditions”
  • Treatment received outside the UK
  • Mental health conditions – the plan doesn’t cover the treatment of these conditions but if you have included the Stress Support extra cover, we can help with telephone and face-to-face counselling

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