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Why do you need landlord legal expenses insurance?

If you’re a landlord who’s been burned by a tenancy dispute or legal proceedings, you’ll know the drain this can put on your time, energy and finances. Landlord legal insurance is designed to cover off your legal risks checklist – from eviction costs and repossession to property damage and squatter cases, we provide £50,000 in cover.

  • £50,000 landlord legal expenses insurance, including eviction costs
  • repossession, property damage, squatter eviction and rent recovery covered
  • legal advice helpline access, if you need guidance before taking action

What does landlord legal insurance cover?

Landlord legal cover insures you for up to £50,000 in legal costs relating to a property or tenancy dispute – typically for things like damage to your property beyond the deposit value, eviction costs and unpaid rent. Landlord insurance legal cover also comes with access to a legal advice helpline, if you’re preparing to take action but need a steer before starting proceedings.

How much does landlord legal cover cost?

Find out how much you’ll pay by comparing prices from a range of trusted insurers. You choose what goes into your policy, so you only pay for what you need.

Prices start from £3.29 per month

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How do claims work?

Unlike price comparison websites, we take the hassle out of claims for you. We know how important it is to get your business back on track quickly – and with a minimum of fuss. That’s why you get access to your dedicated claims any time, day or night. Call them on 0333 207 0560 or claim online. They’ll do their best to be fair and supportive.

£51 million in claims paid out in 2023

Example claim

Having landlord legal insurance through Simply Business has saved property owners thousands of pounds when the unexpected happened.

Alex saved more than £2,500

Alex (not her real name) served an eviction notice to her tenant, but discovered extensive property damage, including burn marks and knife damage on the carpet. Her landlord legal expenses insurance covered the property damage costs.

Landlord insurance legal cover FAQ

Whether you’re new to buying landlord insurance or you’ve been letting your property for a while, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about landlord legal cover. You can also check out our landlord insurance FAQs.

This will depend on your specific circumstances, the type of property you’re renting out, your tenants and various other factors. Right now, our landlord policy prices start from £16.34 per month.

To work this out, we take the highest price from the bottom 10 per cent of all our customers paying in monthly instalments (based on data from 1 1 January – 31 August 2021). Most customers pay more than this but some pay less.

You aren’t legally required to take out a specific landlord policy, but remember – a conventional home insurance policy won’t cover you for rental activities, and a mortgage lender will usually demand you have specific landlord cover in place, before you let your property.

Popular covers include property owners’ liability and contents insurance, for accidents on your property, plus buildings cover to protect the property itself.

You can add a range of other important covers to your landlord insurance policy, all while keeping it simple with a single premium and a single renewal date. You might consider these covers:

As we’ve outlined above, there’s currently no legal obligation to take out a dedicated landlord insurance policy. However, a home insurance policy won’t cover you for the specific risks you and your tenants face, and a mortgage lender will usually require you to have buy-to-let insurance in place too, before renting out your property.

If you’ve provided furniture and other contents for your tenants – maybe even a TV or art for the walls – your property is known as ‘furnished’, and protection is key for most landlords. You can buy contents insurance as part of your landlord insurance policy, just add it when completing your landlord insurance quote.

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