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Why is fixtures and fittings insurance important?

Even the simplest fittings can be a pain to replace. If you’re maintaining your property from a distance – like so many landlords are – repairing fixed units and assessing damage is easier with purpose-built cover. Alongside general landlord insurance support like contents insurance, landlords’ fixtures and fittings can pick up the cost of repairs and replacement.

  • new-for-old landlord fixtures and fittings insurance regardless of wear-and-tear
  • repair costs for damage or replacement costs if it can’t be fixed
  • cover for theft, plus water, fire, malicious, and accidental damage

What does landlord fixtures and fittings insurance cover?

Fixtures and fittings landlord insurance is designed to cover repair and replacement costs for your fixed units and property, if they get damaged or stolen. From malicious damage to a fire, landlords’ fixtures and fittings protection can pay for brand new replacements – known as ‘new-for-old’ – or the repair job.

Keep in mind, all insurers treat this cover differently. Some will not cover malicious damage made by tenants, and some will consider certain property to be your contents, rather than a fixture or fitting – for example, your carpets. Check your policy wording carefully before you buy.

How much does fixtures and fittings landlord insurance cost?

Find out how much you’ll pay by comparing prices from a range of trusted insurers. You choose what goes into your policy, so you only pay for what you need.

Prices start from £14.20 per month

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How do claims work?

Unlike price comparison websites, we take the hassle out of claims for you. We know how important it is to get your business back on track quickly – and with a minimum of fuss. That’s why you get access to your dedicated claims any time, day or night. Call them on 0333 207 0560 or claim online. They’ll do their best to be fair and supportive.

£51 million in claims paid out in 2023

Example claim

Having fixtures and fittings insurance through Simply Business has saved landlords thousands of pounds when the unexpected happened.

Sabbir saved more than £1,400

Sabbir (not his real name) discovered a leak under the bath in his property, just before new tenants were due to move in. His plumber finds water damage throughout the room, but the landlord fixtures and fittings insurance added to his policy covered Sabbir’s escape of water costs.

Landlords fixtures and fittings insurance FAQ

Whether you’re new to buying landlord insurance or you’ve been letting your property for a while, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions, as well as a clear landlords’ fixtures and fittings definition. You can also check out our landlord insurance FAQs.

This will depend on your specific circumstances, the type of property you’re renting out, your tenants, and various other factors. Right now, our landlord policy prices start from £13.26 per month.

To work this out, we take the highest price from the bottom 10 per cent of all our customers paying in monthly instalments (based on data from 1 1 January – 31 August 2021). Most customers pay more than this but some pay less.

These items tend to be the units and features and interiors inside your property which are either fixed (attached) in place, or, in the case of fittings, screwed or nailed in place.

Sinks, units, worktops, and radiators are usually classed as fixtures, for example, whereas toilet seats, shelves, curtains, and free-standing items tend to be seen as fittings.

This will depend on your tenancy agreement and insurance policy wording, but as a landlord, you’re usually responsible for making sure any fixtures and fittings which were in the property before a tenant moved in, are sufficiently covered. Under a tenancy agreement, your tenant may be responsible for their own negligence which causes damage, but landlords will usually be responsible for dealing with deterioration, and fair wear and tear.

Light fittings are normally classed as fixtures and fittings. A building insurance policy can often cover fixtures and fittings, but not in all cases, so you’ll need to check your policy wording carefully, keeping an eye out for specific detail around light fittings. In general, if the light fittings are items you’d take with you when selling the property, specific fixtures and fittings insurance may be a good idea.

Home insurance is required when you want to insure the home you’re living in against accidental loss or damage.

Landlord insurance is different – it’s required when you own a property that you rent out to a third party, and don’t live in yourself. It covers different insurance risks from a home policy, taking into account the type of tenant you rent to and how long you’ve owned the property. It also allows you to insure the property and protect yourself against things like loss of rental income, and malicious damage caused by your tenants.

You can add a range of other important covers to your landlord insurance policy, all while keeping it simple with a single premium and a single renewal date. You might consider these covers:

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