The Simply Business #Property100

Who's breaking news in UK property?

Who to follow for property expertise

From getting to grips with the latest tax change to uncovering the next property hot-spot, the right advice from the right people is crucial to any property investment.

We provide specialist landlord insurance, so we're pretty geeky when it comes to property industry news and bigwigs. Along with the latest headlines, guides and tips over in your landlord Knowledge section, we've built a live and up-to-date list of the top 100 influencers in the property world today, so you know who to follow for your regular fix.

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How does it work?

Our friends at Rise calculate the list, using social media analytics to rank you on your personal Klout score. Your score takes into account things like Twitter and Facebook influence, giving a 1‑100 rating.

Can I join the list?

Yes! You’ll just need to create a Rise account first, and then you’re all set to join the Property 100 List. But remember, you'll need a great Klout score first.

I've applied, but I'm not on the list?

When Rise calculate the list, only the profiles with the highest Klout score will make the top 100. So your score might not be high enough now but keep at it, it could be in the future.

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