Bucking the ‘cowboy builder’ stereotype, the majority of tradesmen value health and safety

The majority of UK tradesmen think health and safety procedures are an important aspect of their work, a new survey by Simply Business has revealed.

For tradesmen, health and safety is more than just a hoop to jump through

Though many tradesmen in the UK are still victims of the unfair ‘cowboy builder’ stereotype, our new survey shows that the majority take health and safety seriously.

While some believe there are too many hoops that tradesmen of all varieties need to jump through before they can begin trading, 54 per cent believe that the various registers they need to sign up to and qualifications they need to have in place are all for their safety - and that of their clients.

Stereotypes are damaging reputations - and property

Last year, another survey found that nine out of 10 property owners are nervous about calling in a tradesmen, but more than one in three wish they had done so after bodging their own DIY.

It’s clear that these stereotypes are not only incorrect, they’re also causing people more problems than they’re worth.

Pimlico Plumbers’ Charlie Mullins’s solution to the problem is image - if you show up dressed as a professional and provide professional paperwork, you’ve one half the battle, according to Charlie. He also advises tradesmen to be transparent about their costs as a good way to secure repeat business.

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