How much public liability insurance do I need?

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The amount of public liability insurance you need depends on the work you do and whether your clients expect a certain level of cover. Most insurers offer between £1 million and £10 million, and when you’re choosing a cover level you should think about the possible size of compensation demands.

It’s up to you to decide how much public liability insurance you need, although it’s sensible to check with your potential clients to see if they expect a particular level of cover.

In particular, government or local authority contracts usually ask for suppliers to have between £5 million and £10 million of public liability insurance.

You should also think about the scale of the work you do and the possible extent of compensation claims if something went wrong. Remember that compensation figures can be very high because they can take into account things like lost income and medical costs.

Simply Business offers a minimum of £1 million and a maximum of £10 million of public liability insurance. You can buy it on its own or as part of a tailored business insurance policy.

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