What does public liability insurance cover?

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Public liability insurance covers compensation payments and legal fees if your business is found responsible for injury or property damage to a member of the public. This could be a client, customer, supplier or passerby.

The protection public liability insurance offers is simple but essential. At the most basic level it protects your business from legal costs and compensation payments arising from injury to members of the public or damage to their property that’s caused by your business.

Public liability insurance could cover, for example, the cost of replacing a laptop damaged by a coffee spill, right up to a major mishap that put a third party in hospital.

Say you’re a self-employed cleaner and someone slips and breaks a bone because you forgot to put out a wet floor sign. In this instance your public liability insurance would cover the bill if they demanded compensation from your business.

Public liability insurance can cover everything from the minor workplace incidents to the expensive accidents that could cripple your business.

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