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12 Google suggestions that are ridiculously unfair on tradesmen

3-minute read

12 Google suggestions that are ridiculously unfair on tradesmen
Bonny Dellow

Bonny Dellow

23 November 2016

Tradesmen can often get a pretty bad rap. But what happens when even Google starts thinking the worst of our nation’s plumbers, carpenters, and co.?

Well, we're here to bust some of the myths.

  • 10 things every tradesman can relate to

Take a look at some of the suggestions Google returns when you start a search about tradesmen...

Why do tradesmen...

Why do tradesmen...

1. Why do tradesmen never turn up?

Seriously? Six-day weeks, seven-day weeks - most office workers would turn their noses up at the idea. But for the self-employed tradesman, working long hours is the norm. Perhaps if your tradesmen never turn up it’s saying something about you…

2. Why do tradesmen charge so much?

Materials, tools, labour? The years spent practicing their craft, perhaps? Not to mention covering self-employed costs like public liability insurance, staff wages and any number of certifications and licenses. Besides, a nationwide skills shortage has left builders and tradesmen in short supply - it’s only natural that prices may go up.

3. Why do tradesmen not give quotes?

They do the last time we checked. Tradesmen often work long days, and the best of the bunch will usually be busy. Be patient and any tradesman worth their salt will get back to you with an estimate in a reasonable amount of time.

4. Why do tradesmen start early?

When you’re self-employed, you know that every hour counts. Starting early allows tradesmen to get more done. Hang on, doesn’t this sort of contradict the stereotype that tradesmen never turn up?

Why are tradesmen...

Why are tradesmen...

5. Why are tradesmen so expensive?

We’ve been through this. Unsurprisingly, in the space of three bullet points, nothing's changed.

6. Why are tradesmen always late?

Hang on, a moment ago they start too early? But seriously, a tradesman might have jobs all over the country in a single day. The majority of the time tradesmen will be on time, but when they are a few minutes late, just keep in mind that you probably weren’t their first job of the day.

7. Why are tradesmen so unreliable?

Another common myth, and one that - frankly - holds little truth whatsoever. Did you know that one in three people who attempt DIY wish they’d called a professional? One thing’s for sure, you can always rely on a good tradesman to do a decent job.

8. Why are tradesmen so rude?

Our guess is that for the most part, they’re not. But if we’re being honest, putting up with stereotypes like these would grate on anyone!

Why don’t builders...

Why don’t builders...

9. Why don’t builders turn up?

We’re stuck for answers here, but if your builder has sacrificed a day’s pay just because they don’t want to do work for you, perhaps you should look a little closer to home. Whether it’s staring intently while you work or critiquing every decision, it’s fair to say that not all customers are as easy to deal with as others.

10. Why don’t builders get back to you?

See ‘Why do tradesmen not give quotes?’ - the same probably applies here.

11. Why don’t builders call back?

This again? In most circumstances they will. But if you're rude, hard to deal with or refuse to pay the going rate, don't be surprised if they ask you to find another firm.

12. Why don’t builders seal grout?

Typically, grout can’t be sealed for two to three days after it’s been applied. Some types of grout even include additives that removes the need for sealing altogether.

Tilers, what’s your policy on sealing grout for customers? Let us know in the comments section.

Have you been on the receiving end of some of the stereotypes above? Let us know your experiences below.

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