Simply Business staff paint a school with Kids Company

Simply Business staff paint a school with Kids Company.

On the 1st of March, staff from our Northampton and London offices visited a primary school in south London. We were part of Kids Company’s ‘Paint a School’ project, which aims to get businesses involved in improving children’s working environments.

It was a normal weekday at the primary school, so the classrooms were full of studying children as the Simply Business team trooped in to begin painting.

A professional artist had stencilled mural designs on the bare walls, including the outlines of a countryside scene with trees, birds and a sunny sky, and an underwater scene complete with fish and other sea creatures. There was still a lot of work to do: it was our job to add some colour and to bring these outlines to life.

We split into teams, each claimed our patch of wall, and we got to work. The painting was fun, and our team soon realised that having a radio - or James’s questionable music collection – made the time pass even more quickly. One of the Kids Company participants insisted that we also practised our singing as we worked. With the benefit of hindsight, perhaps the other team was quicker because the team members weren’t distracted by Adele.

By the time the school day was coming to a close, we’d finished our painting. While the children were perhaps perplexed by any singing that had reached their classrooms, their reaction to the newly-brightened walls was wholly positive. Our hard work was rewarded with excitement and smiles at the three rooms that had been transformed over a period of six hours.

Thanks to all of the Simply Business staff who took part, and for the two Kids Company representatives who joined us. We’re also very grateful to the artist, Lisa, who gave us expert guidance on ‘crossing the lines’ and using the right contrast colours. We went home splattered with paint, but we left behind a tidy site and a happy school.

Simply Business is currently supporting Kids Company, a London-based charity that provides support to vulnerable children.