Want to post jobs on Facebook? Here's how this new recruitment tool could help UK small businesses

Facebook are looking to make it easier for small businesses to recruit, with the introduction of ‘Facebook Jobs’.

The social media giant’s latest foray into the small business market steps on the toes of competitor LinkedIn, as large companies are also set to use the tool.

It’s the latest in a long line of updates designed to turn Facebook into a one-stop hub for small businesses and the self-employed.

Although the tool is currently only fully functional in the US, users can expect it to arrive in the UK soon enough, with Facebook taking their usual route of releasing new products there first.

Small businesses finding it hardest to recruit

Facebook conducted a survey of small business owners in America to find out where their challenges lie, and how Facebook could help to solve them.

The survey revealed that recruitment is the toughest challenge faced by SMEs, ahead of the likes of acquiring customers or even sales.

Facebook noted that they were already witnessing a lot of business posting jobs on their Facebook Pages, and decided to build the Facebook Jobs platform to better support small businesses with their recruitment woes.

A cheaper way to find employees?

Posting jobs on Facebook is free, unlike many of the more traditional online job listing sites - including the likes of Indeed and Craigslist. Even outside of the internet, small businesses tend to rely on traditional, and expensive, recruitment agencies to find talent.

Professional networking site LinkedIn is Facebook Jobs’ most obvious competitor, and the recruiter’s favourite has a number of free packages.

However, the advantage of Facebook is that people can stumble across their job listings and ads can be woven into the feed’s - and any given Page’s - existing content, as opposed to LinkedIn where people browsing are generally in ‘work mode’.

How Facebook Jobs works

Business can list jobs on their company Facebook Page, with ‘Jobs’ receiving a dedicated section in the left-hand sidebar, just under ‘Events’.

However, perhaps more interestingly, there will be a dedicated jobs listing section, where businesses can pay to boost the visibility of their listings, and where users are more likely to actively search for jobs.

For the prospect applying for a job, Facebook is able to pre-populate the likes of name and location, making the application process easier still.

Page admins can then review applications and even reply via Messenger.

Facebook continue to target SMEs

It’s currently unclear when Facebook Jobs will be rolled out to UK users, although what is clear is that Facebook are opening up yet another revenue stream from small businesses.

With the addition of paid-for job listings, Facebook continue their assault on more traditional sites targeting the self-employed.

Will you use Facebook Jobs for your small business? Let us know below.

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