6 ways small businesses can make the most of summer

With summer supposedly upon us, we’ve taken a look at how you can maximise profits and minimise stress over the coming months.

From seasonal custom to taking some needed rest, summer brings its challenges and its benefits.

But if you follow these six tips, you’ll be rolling in money and basking in sunshine. British weather permitting, of course…

Planning for summer

Depending on your business, summer can be either the best or worst time of year for profits. But either way, you should be adjusting your strategy accordingly.

If you’re knowingly quieter over the summer period, take the time to put together a thorough plan for when things pick back up. Budget accordingly, work out your next marketing moves and take the time to look over your early-year performance.

If you’re expecting a busy few months, can you handle the extra demand? Many small businesses look to take on part-time staff over summer, and keep in mind that even part-time employees are legally required to be covered by employers’ liability insurance.

Target the tourists

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a tourist hot-spot - be that central London, a coastal region, the lake district - a strong June to September period can be the difference between a good and a great business year.

Work on your pricing, promotions and products to lure in those holidaymakers more than happy to part with their cash.

However, targeting those heading to foreign shores can be equally as lucrative. Look out for a host of opportunities - pets will still need looking after, gardens will still need maintaining - and market your services appropriately.

Take your business outside

Summer should - hopefully - bring some warmer weather. With this comes a great opportunity to take your business outdoors.

This could mean translating your shop into a stall at a craft fair, adding an outdoor dining space to your restaurant or cafe or even treating your staff to a day of remote work in the sunshine.

Make the most of the UK’s rare sunshine while you can.

Recharge the batteries

Not usually as busy in the summer? Perfect - take the time to recharge your batteries with some time away.

Burnout can be a major issue for small business owners, and addressing your work-life balance can be just as important as landing that next contract.

Check out our tips for a better work-life balance before planning your summer getaway.

Advertise on social media

Social media, and Facebook in particular, gives you the perfect platform to target potential customers in summer.

If your product goes great with the sun, you can switch on your campaign just as the clouds break and target people in your area. Whether you’re a landscape gardener or an ice cream man - make the most of people’s tendency to spend when the sun’s out.

Create some shareable content and optimise your page so that you’re visible on Facebook services, and you’ll be rolling in the summer sales!

Looking to get started? Check out our small business guide to Facebook.

Make hay while the sun shines

For those self-employed workers who are affected by the conditions, summer can readdress the balance.

Winter can prove frustrating for tradesmen in particular. In addition to the problems that arise from frost and heavy winds, being rained-off work is a common occurrence.

Summer brings more sunlight hours and dryer conditions - perfect for those who work outside. And with bricklayers making the most of a current skills shortage, the summer could prove very fruitful indeed.

Have you got any other tips for making the most of summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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