How to find the right office space and boost business

If you’re a small business then keeping costs to an absolute minimum, especially at the moment, is a critical part of the plan and while we all need to work somewhere, many of us baulk at the thought of moving into new offices. This could mean a lot of upheaval and, possibly, a lot of expenditure. However, thanks to a raft of new office and desk rental opportunities that have arisen in recent years, it’s surprisingly affordable.

1. Find it fast

There are essentially two main ways of relocating your business to a purpose built location and that’s to invest in either a desk rental option, or go for something a little more substantial in the shape of an office rental deal. Desk space rentals are cheap and cheerful, giving you the benefit of city centre locations and plush business parks, without the hassle and expense of messy contracts.

These deals are generally short-term and on a rolling basis, meaning that you can be both in, and out, at a moments notice and the flexibility and convenience means that it’s perfect for likes of freelancers, consultants and the like. Even businesses with more than one employee can find the desk rental route a handy way to go, as it can be added or subtracted to as and when business dictates it.

2. Expand and succeed

Business owners with ventures that are on the up may well want to look at the many and varied options when it comes to office space too. The Shared offices that can be found on comparison sites, such as Office Genie, give you all of the trimmings of a traditional workplace but, again, they work on much more flexible contracts. This can be invaluable for people running a start-up in these uncertain times.

If you need rather more sophistication when it comes to office requirements then investigate the serviced office. This is a grander take on the rented office scenario and many of these buildings will come complete with receptionists, post and IT support facilitates. The great thing with all of the options outlined here is that, at the end of the day, it is the landlord that has all of the responsibility for the building and its amenities.

So that means no cleaning up when the work is done and the facilities and surroundings should be reasonably well maintained too. Of course, in the case of desk rental options then the frills are severely limited, and usually only offer the desk, naturally, alongside a chair and internet access. The benefit is that all you need to do is turn up with your laptop, plug in and start being productive.

3. The way forward

If you’re looking at a stress-free office location in a decent locale then any of these options make sound financial sense too. Rents are often very competitive and there is also something of a glut of space available currently. That too adds to the competitive nature of pricing, while the flexible contracts also mean they are perfect for people who don’t want to make too much of a long-term commitment.

Better still, with a well-situated office or desk location you’ll be much better placed to attract new business as well as impressing clients when they come around for meetings. With a plush new postcode on your stationary and website then it’s very likely that you’ll look much more presentable than trying to run a venture from the spare bedroom of your semi-detached.

About the author: Rob Clymo writes on behalf of Office Genie, the UK’s first proper online marketplace for desk space and london office space.

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