What is landlord contents insurance?

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Landlord contents insurance is a cover that can pay for the repair or replacement of household items in a rental property if they’re damaged or destroyed. It usually covers things like soft furnishings, furniture, and appliances belonging to the landlord.

If you rent your property furnished or part-furnished, or if you provide your tenants with appliances or other items, you may want to insure these things with landlord contents insurance.

You can buy landlord contents insurance as part of a landlord insurance policy that includes other important covers like buildings insurance, tenant default insurance, legal expenses insurance, and property owners’ liability insurance.

What does landlord contents insurance cover?

Landlord contents insurance can cover the cost of replacing items that are stolen, or damaged by something like fire or flood.

For example it could cover the cost of replacing the television if it was stolen, or the fridge/freezer if it was damaged in a house fire.

It doesn’t cover gradual ‘wear and tear’ of items over time, or any items that belong to the tenants.

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