Watch this tradesman chase thieves stealing £1,200 of tools and punch their Ford Fiesta

A dramatic new video shows thieves stealing tools from this tradesman in broad daylight.

Barely a week goes by without another story of brazen tool thieves targeting innocent tradespeople.

One of the latest videos comes from Coventry, where a tradesman working a morning job had his tools taken by a pair of thieves driving a Ford Fiesta.

“Get your tools off as soon as you get on site”

Coventry Live reports that tradesman Eric Thomas’s van was parked at the side of a road in Allesley on the morning of 12 March when the thieves struck.

A video, posted to Coventry Live’s YouTube channel, shows a black Ford Fiesta pulling up to the unlucky tradesman’s van. One of the criminals gets out of the car and begins helping himself to tools, throwing them on the backseat of the vehicle.

The theft is relatively short-lived, as the tradesman clocks on to what’s happening and chases the thieves away, landing a punch to their car – but it was plenty of time to have £1,200 of equipment disappear.

Coventry Live reports that Mr Thomas, from Wolverhampton, said when sharing the footage online: “All tradesmen that carry tools be aware get your tools off soon as you get on site.”

A spokesman for West Midlands Police confirmed the theft, saying that they’re investigating, and Coventry Live appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

The community’s divided over the video

No-one doubts that the thieves’ actions are deplorable. But Coventry Live reports that since the video was shared online, the community has suggested the tradesman could’ve done more to protect his tools – as the van’s door doesn’t seem to be locked.

One person wrote: “Who cares if the van wasn’t locked doesn’t make it any less okay.”

But another asked: “Who leaves the doors wide open on the van whilst inside a job?” And someone else advised the tradesman that he needs to “make it difficult” for tool thieves and lock his stuff up.

Read our top tips for keeping your tools safe in a van, including internal locking to make it hard for thieves to remove tools from your vehicle if they do manage to get in.

Image credit: Coventry Live

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