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By the power of Grayskull – this Brighton removal company has the power to make your home move seamless

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By the power of Grayskull – this Brighton removal company has the power to make your home move seamless
Lauren Hellicar

Lauren Hellicar

16 October 2018

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Insuring nearly half a million customers means we get to know about some of the most creative small business names in Britain.

  • The UK’s best business pun names revealed
  • Spandau Valet
  • Floral and Hardy
  • What type of business insurance do I need?

Our ‘You name it, we insure it’ campaign uncovered five of our favourites – which include Brighton-based removal company He-Van, Movers of the Universe – as well as Spandau Valet, Bonny Tiler, Barber Streisand, and Floral and Hardy.

Introducing… He-Van, Movers of the Universe

By the power of Grayskull, Julian made the move to launch He-Van, Movers of the Universe in the summer of 2010. During the year leading up to that point, he’d been working for a regular man and van service in Brighton.

Realising he wanted to be his own boss, he decided to go one better, offering a more professional service. This involved setting up an exclusive man and van service with a standout business name, which then evolved into a proper removal service with even higher standards.

Besides being the strongest man in the universe, Julian is naturally very organised and likes to run a smooth operation. He pays attention to the finer organisational details to get your move done well.

The best thing about running your own business

Julian enjoys the flexibility of being the master of his own destiny, and not conforming to the restrictions of a regular job, where you’re working for someone else.

However, as his business grew, he had occasional doubts about whether he’d made the right decision to go self-employed – success in business can be a double-edged sword when you have a heavy workload and stress to contend with.

On balance, though, Julian believes being your own boss is probably the best thing about running your own business.

The challenges of self-employment

Julian’s advice? Pay HMRC everything you owe, on time, and you’ll have no problems. Registration is simple. Take care of that and going self-employed is easy.

However, Julian shares a word of caution about company status. He started out as a sole trader but then wanted to expand and make his business the best it could be. He was so successful that it took him over the VAT threshold, so he changed to limited company status.

This brought the added financial challenge of Corporation Tax, which had a negative effect on Julian’s profit margin. His tip is to either stay small, or aim big, as the middle ground may be the least cost-effective.

You can read our article about what to consider when choosing your business status for the purposes of paying tax.

Julian’s favourite part of the job

He enjoys interacting with his customers and, over time, forming relationships which make the job more interesting and satisfying – especially when he gets repeat business!

On being selected to take part in ‘You name it, we insure it’

“I was honoured to take part in the Simply Business campaign (although admittedly the first thought I had when approached was that someone was trying to sell me something). But in fact it couldn’t have been more different. Dealing with Simply Business and the crew behind the campaign has been nothing but interesting and rewarding!”

Need help with your home move in the Brighton area? Give He-Van – Movers of the Universe a call.

What’s the best business name pun you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments below.

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