These are the UK’s most prolific speed cameras

The 10 most active speed cameras in the UK have been revealed, with tradespeople and other business drivers warned to watch out for other road users in certain areas.

According to data collected between January 2016 and May 2018 by GoCompare, a staggering eight of the 10 cameras that catch speeding drivers most frequently are located in Avon and Somerset.

The list is completed by two cameras located in Bedfordshire.

The most active speed camera in the UK, installed on the M32, has caught a massive 22,350 speeding offenses since January 2016.

In second place, a speed camera on the M4 is not far behind, recording just over 21,000 offences during the period.

Speeding offences declining

But despite the huge numbers, figures suggest that the number of offences being caught by the UK’s most active speed cameras is actually declining.

In total, the top 10 cameras recorded 104,983 speeding offences during 2017, down from 115,815 in 2016, suggesting Britain’s roads are becoming safer.

Motorists beware across the UK

GoCompare compiled the list by sending Freedom of Information requests to each of Britain’s police forces.

However, of the 45 total forces, only 16 responded. This suggests that there may be cameras elsewhere in the UK recording even more offences.

Meanwhile, in 2017 the penalties for the most serious speeding offences were dramatically increased. From April that year, fines could total a maximum of £2,500 for offences conducted on the motorway.

Where are the UK’s most active speed cameras?

Below is the list of the cameras that recorded the highest number of offences during the last three years, according to GoCompare’s figures.

Location Number of offences Constabulary
1. M32 Severn Beach 22,350 (2018) Avon and Somerset
2. M4, J19-20 westbound 21,009 (2016) Avon and Somerset
3. M4, J20-19 eastbound 19,137 (2016) Avon and Somerset
4. M5, J16-17 southbound 19,088 (2017) Avon and Somerset
5. M5, J17-16 northbound 17,082 (2016) Avon and Somerset
6. M32, Severn Beach 12,980 (2017) Avon and Somerset
7. M5, J17-16 northbound 12,176 (2017)   Avon and Somerset
8. M4, J20-19 eastbound 10,833 (2017) Avon and Somerset
9. M1 motorway 10,339 (2016) Bedfordshire
10. A1081 Airport Way, south-westbound 10,024 (2017) Bedfordshire

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