This electrician found something strange on the job - and he's not the only one

An electrician went above and beyond when he stumbled on something he really wasn’t expecting to find.

Tradespeople get asked to do all sorts of strange things by homeowners, but sometimes civic duty beckons, too.

Electrician tips off the police

According to Leicestershire Live, police were called to a property in Clarendon Park, Leicester, after an electrician tipped them off while on the job.

When the police entered they discovered what the electrician had called in – a cannabis factory.

Leicestershire Police said: “officers found a substantial number of cannabis plants, hydroponic equipment and a quantity of what is believed to be Class ‘A’ drugs.”

A cannabis factory is defined as either 25 or more plants, fully grown or not, or as somewhere that has been adapted with things like hydroponics systems, high intensity lighting, and ventilation. The electricity metres will also have been bypassed.

Gangs can make £40,000 a year from just 25 plants, so this electrician may have stopped a significant amount of illicit trade simply by going about his work.

These are some more strange tradesperson finds

It’s likely you’ve found a few odd things on the job. We did some digging and have discovered more strange things tradespeople have come across while working:

  • In January, the North Devon Gazette reported that builders found a ‘time capsule’ inside a fireplace in a cottage. It was over 100 years old and it contained things like a shoe to fend off evil spirits, a toy cannon, and cooking tools

  • You probably enjoy a bite to eat while on break. But back in January, Lincolnshire Live reported that a painter and decorator got more than he bargained for when tucking into some chips. He bit on something chewy and discovered an ear bud from a pair of headphones

  • Heading over to Australia, a tradesman pumping concrete at a property got a shock when he felt something crawling up his arm. He turned and saw an Australian tarantula – also known as a bird eating spider – sitting on his shoulder. At least we don’t have to worry about those over here!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve found while working?

Have you come across anything out of the ordinary while on the job? From the mysterious to the outright bizarre, we’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments below.

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