Life as a small business owner in 6 photos this World Photography Day

To celebrate World Photography Day on 19 August, we’ve pulled together six photos that sum up life as a small business owner.

1. Determination

Success in business requires grit and determination. It’s tough, unpredictable and there aren’t any shortcuts.

It can take time to reap the rewards. Even if things don’t always go to plan and you feel worn down along the way, not giving in is a small business owner’s trademark.

If you’re feeling particularly determined, why don’t you enter awards to get recognition for your efforts? The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) have just opened entries for their Celebrating Small Businesses Awards 2019 - have you got what it takes?

2. Creativity

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This tradesperson has definitely done something creative with this leak - hopefully it’s only a temporary solution!

Small business owners come up with creative ways to solve problems every day, from quick fixes to long term plans.

If you’re stuck on something, try flexing your mind by working in a different environment, reading, or giving yourself time to switch off. You never know where your next bright idea will come from.

3. Work life balance

Keeping my humans work life balance on point.

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Many small business owners often struggle with getting the right work life balance. Hard work is necessary, but too much of it can lead to burnout. Give yourself time to decompress - particularly when your cat demands it!

4. Learning

There’s always more to know - particularly for small business owners. In a fast paced world it pays to keep up, and reading is one of the best ways stay on top. There’s loads of business books out there and reading them can help you stay competitive.

We’ve put together a list of the best books to read for small business success – which ones have you read?

5. Support

Our very own James Gilmour set a world record in June, cycling from Lands End to John O Groats on a triplet bike. It’s safe to say, though, that he couldn’t have done it by himself.

Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, Mike Cherry, has said: “Networking and getting support from your peers is the best thing to get you through what can be a lonely journey.”

There’s lots of support out there – so while sometimes it might feel like you’re alone, remember you’re part of a big community.

Our Knowledge centre has all the latest news and lots of tips for small businesses.

6. Staying healthy

Small business owners need to work extra hard to keep healthy. With pressures on your time, it’s a good idea to plan out what you eat and drink beforehand. Whether it’s delicious smoothies or a simple sandwich in your lunchbox, planning your meals can free you up to focus on your work.

Do these images ring true to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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