Do tenants like their landlords? New data reveals the truth

While most landlords pride themselves on playing a responsible role in the housing market, they can be occasionally be portrayed to the contrary.

Some tenants – and sections of the media – may like to paint a picture that landlords are greedy, ignore maintenance issues, and only want to turn a profit. But in reality, the tenant-landlord relationship is far more positive.

84 per cent of tenants are satisfied with their property

A new report by the English Housing Survey has found that the vast majority of tenants are far happier than the many articles out there might have you think. In fact, 84 per cent are satisfied with the property they live in.

On top of that, it found that 72 per cent of tenants in the private sector are satisfied with the way that their landlord carries out repairs or maintenance.

Myths about landlords

David Smith, policy director of the Residential Landlords Association - which carried out the research - said: “While we should never be complacent, these results confound the myths that some have peddled about the private rented sector.

“It shows once again that the vast majority of private sector landlords do a good job and look after their properties and tenants properly.

“The Government should recognise this and ensure policy supports the vast majority of landlords who are individuals that continue providing the good quality homes to rent we need while improving enforcement to root out the criminals who have no place in the market.”

One in five households are tenants

The English Housing Survey report revealed the private rental sector accounted for 20 per cent of households in England.

The proportion of private rented sector households has doubled since 1996-1997, while the overall size of the private rented sector has increased from 2.1 million households in 1996-1997 to 4.7 million households in 2016-2017.

The report found that while 84 per cent of tenants were satisfied with their current accommodation, 68 per cent were either very or fairly satisfied with their current tenure.

The report also revealed that the three main household types in the private rented sector were 27 per cent being one person households, 24 per cent being couples with dependent children and 21 per cent being couples with no children. The remainder included other types of household, including lone parents with dependent children.

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