How to clean a toilet bowl and brush properly

The rental market is becoming more competitive, so it’s more important than ever that your property is in tip-top condition.

We’ve put together a series of DIY videos with Harriet, owner of Calm Oasis Cleaners and a Simply Business customer, to help you make sure that your rental property is gleaming for prospective tenants.

A clean toilet is a must for any property you want to let out

Knowing how to clean a toilet and brush is an essential skill for anyone wanting to have their property snapped up – nothing put tenants off more than seeing a stain or limescale-clad bowl.

Easy to buy products such as a basic toilet brush, bleach, and antibacterial cleaner will help you get yours in shape.

The process is a quick and it’s relatively simple way to deal with all but the toughest stains. Here, Harriet will talk you through the process and offer insider tips to get maximum sparkle.

If you prefer written instructions then keep reading for our step-by-step guide.

Tools for cleaning a toilet bowl

  • A toilet brush to help spread bleach around the bowl and scrub away stains and limescale
  • Bleach to break down tough stains and limescale
  • Antibacterial cleaner to clean the non-bowl sections of the toilet and to kill any lingering germs. One with a spray canister is ideal
  • A cleaning cloth to wipe away the antibacterial cleaner
  • A dry rag to buff it all up after the cleaning process is done

How to clean a toilet

Hopefully any previous tenant will have regularly cleaned the toilet they used. Even if they didn’t, though, this process will help you get it looking as good as new:

  1. Squirt a healthy amount of bleach in the toilet bowl
  2. Scrub the bleach around the bowl with the toilet brush, being sure to reach under the ledge
  3. Flush the toilet, with the brush held down in the water
  4. Post-flush, use a pulse-style motion, bringing the brush in and out of the water quickly, then let the brush soak to disinfect it
  5. Spray the antibacterial cleaner over all areas of the toilet, paying special attention to hinges
  6. Wipe away all the antibacterial cleaner with a clean cloth
  7. Buff all areas of the toilet with a clean dry rag, to bring it to a shine
  8. Remove the disinfected brush from the bowl

Alternative ways to clean a toilet bowl

Don’t want to use bleach, or don’t have any to hand? There are some alternative cleaning fluids you can use to get your toilet sparkling.

Vinegar is good for getting tough stains out of toilet bowls. Cover the bowl in vinegar, then scrub hard. Repeat this process every couple of weeks to avoid buildups of limescale.

Baking soda is a good solution for hard water stains. Mix with water or vinegar then scrub with a toilet brush to remove stubborn hard water stains.

Looking for other ways to make sure your property is the best it can be? Stay tuned for more DIY videos on Simply Business in the coming weeks.

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