Property damage liability insurance: a complete guide

Knowing which insurance is relevant for your business can cause a few headaches. Here’s our guide to help you work out whether you should buy property damage insurance.

What is property damage insurance?

Property damage insurance, or property damage liability insurance, is a subset of public liability insurance that specifically covers accidental damage to property.

If, for example, you are at a client’s house and spill something on their furniture or carpet, then any claim made against you could be covered by having property damage insurance in place.

What professions need property damage insurance?

Property damage can be an important cover for a whole range of professions. If you work in public, or visit clients’ offices or houses, then you run the risk of causing damage to property.

It could be as simple as a spilt cup of tea, or something far more disastrous, but even the smallest mistakes can lead to big claims.

One painter and decorator spilt a few drops of paint on a carpet at a house he was working on, but because the entire floor of the house was carpeted with a single, bespoke piece from Harrods, the claim was settled for over £100,000.

How do I buy property damage insurance?

Property damage insurance falls under public liability insurance, so you are unlikely to find it as a separate cover.

However, if you have public liability insurance, it will also cover you for accidental injuries to both your clients and third parties, which can be just as likely as damage to property.

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