Simply Business investigates the work-life balance of small business owners

Having a fulfilling personal life while achieving success at work is seen as the modern holy grail. But despite plenty of discussion about the topic, a healthy work-life balance remains elusive for many.

We all know that things can be particularly tricky if you run your own business: the boundary between your work life and your personal life is often blurred, and technology can be a hindrance as well as a help. Here at Simply Business, we’ve been investigating how the nation’s small business owners and freelancers are managing, and we’ve launched a microsite that includes information, tips and handy links.

To start with, we wanted to build a picture of the work-life balance of small business owners across the country. Over 2,000 people responded to our survey, and the results reveal that almost half regularly cancel social plans because of work, and a quarter have fallen ill due to stress.

We also found that two thirds of business owners are happy with their work-life balance.

On our microsite you can take our quiz to find your workplace persona, and then read some tailored tips for achieving a better balance. If you’re sorely in need of some time to unwind, you can also enter our competition to win a trip for two to the beautiful Thermae Spa in Bath.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing plenty of articles on the topic of work-life balance for small business owners, including advice from some very special guest writers. Our campaign is also being supported by mental health charity Mind, and you can find articles relating to mental health at work on their site.

If you’d like to weigh in on the debate or you’ve got an idea for a work-life balance article that you’d love to see on our site, you can tweet @simplybusiness with the hashtag #WLB.

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