Contract of employment template (sample contract)

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Contract of employment template - free PDF or Word download

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Contract of employment: what you need to know

When you take on a new member of staff, a contract of employment sets out the agreement between you (the employer) and your employee.

Although an employment contract usually doesn’t need to be in writing to be legally valid, putting it down on paper is strongly advised. Employment dispute body ACAS says that simple misunderstandings over what is or isn’t in a contract are amongst the main causes of employment tribunal claims.

It’s important to note that most employees are legally entitled to a Written Statement of the main terms and conditions of their employment within two months of starting their job. This is likely to overlap with the contents of the contract, as it must include detail of things like pay, holidays and working hours.

The contract of employment template

The Clarkslegal contract of employment template makes an agreement between you/your company and your employee. It provides wording for setting out job title, duties and place of work, the start date, and the length of any probationary period.

The contract of employment template also provides suggested wording for describing notice periods, hours of work, salary, performance reviews, holidays, sick pay, pension arrangements, retirement, and other important employment agreements.

Where more detailed information should be provided in a policy, rather than the contract itself, the template gives you the option to insert the relevant policy name or refer to the Company Handbook (if you have one).

How to use the employment contract template

You’ll need to fill in the gaps in the template, for example adding in the employee’s job title, the company name and address, and the employment and probation dates.

For some sections of the employment contract - for example the part that deals with pension arrangements and the part that covers notice periods - you’ll need to choose the paragraph that describes your company’s approach, and delete the other sections.

It’s important that you check through the template carefully to make sure it applies to your organisation and the relationship you’re forming with your employee. You will need to edit the template as necessary, but at every stage you should make sure you’re complying with employment law and workplace regulations. Seek help from an employment law specialist if you need it.

You and the employee both need to sign the contract of employment, and you should give the employee a copy to keep, and keep a second copy for your business records.

Download a PDF of the contract of employment template.

Contract of employment template - free Microsoft Word document for download.

If you would like to make changes and don’t have Adobe Acrobat, you can also download our contract of employment template in Word format.

The attached document has been produced by Clarkslegal so we can’t take responsibility for its contents. We’d recommend you take professional advice before making any important decisions based on its contents.

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