What is landlord property insurance (or rental property insurance)?

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Landlord property insurance is another term for landlord insurance, which covers risks associated with rental properties. Landlord property insurance includes buildings and contents insurance, landlords’ liability insurance, and other covers to protect a landlord’s rental property.

When you’re considering landlord property insurance, what probably springs to mind is protecting the bricks and mortar of your rental property from a disaster like a fire or flood.

These risks are covered by landlord building insurance, but this is potentially only one part of a comprehensive landlord insurance policy.

Other landlord property insurance covers include landlord contents insurance, which is especially important if you rent a furnished property, as it can pay for the repair or replacement of your furniture or possessions if they’re damaged or destroyed.

Another important landlord property insurance cover is property owners’ liability insurance, which can cover legal fees and compensation costs if someone (like a tenant or visitor) sues you for injury or damage that they blame on your rental property.

There are other landlord insurance types available too, depending on which rental property-related risks you’re keen to cover. There’s tenant default insurance to cover your rent for a period if your tenants don’t pay, and legal expenses insurance to cover the cost of court proceedings.

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