Egg-citing news: 2023’s best small business name is revealed

Eggucation – winner of Britain's Best Small Business Name 2023

After almost 3,500 votes, the winner of the Simply Business award for ‘Britain’s Best Small Business Name 2023’ has been crowned.

‘Eggucation’, a chick hatching business in Sheffield, beat off stiff competition from Grimsby-based craft specialist ‘It Started With A Stitch’ and Brixham locomotive engineers ‘Leaky Finders Ltd’.

The power of an egg-ceptional business name

Following in the footsteps of specialty coffee roastery Perky Blenders in 2022, Eggucation has picked up a coveted award plus a £2,500 cash prize.

With over 10 years’ experience enhancing science and STEM education with its ethical school hatching projects, Eggucation provides high quality and ethically-sound enrichment experiences in schools across the UK.

The company’s passionate team of rare-breed poultry breeders provides schools with a ‘conservation in the classroom’ experience.

Eggucation’s Founder, Deb Howe, revealed how the business’s witty name has contributed to its success:

“The name is easy to remember, unique and most importantly, always brings a smile to people’s faces.

“It has helped bring to life my ambition for the business, which is to give young people the opportunity to make real and memorable links to nature, sustainable food, and farming.”

Eggucation founders with car and poultry

Eggucation, a chick hatching business and winner of Britain’s Best Small Business Name 2023

‘Under the radar learning of the highest order’

From watching the chicks hatch to caring for them for a week, the educational benefits of Eggucation’s service for children are huge.

Deb explained: “It provides an incredible amount of engagement and motivation right across all age groups, classrooms, and abilities.

“I often get goosebumps when staff tell me about things their project has enabled the children to achieve – it’s ‘under the radar’ learning of the highest order!”

She added that another benefit is educating children about farming and where their food comes from.

“Society shows a staggering level of divorce from how food is produced, and the value of it, and food waste is a huge issue.

“We need to educate future consumers about the work that goes into producing food, as well as the fact that the animal part of our food chain needs rearing in a way that respects the environment and biodiversity.”

Overcoming the challenges of Covid-19 and avian influenza

Despite its success, Eggucation has faced a range of challenges in recent years.

Deb said: “2020 was obviously not a great year to work in schools. Closures due to Covid wiped out my income overnight.

“It did definitely change the way we had to work once I was able to get back into some schools, and it heavily impacted my ability to earn for two years.

“Some of the changes we put in place have had a positive impact on the way I run the business, but the financial impact will be felt for years.”

She said that the 2023 spring season is the first time it’s felt ‘totally normal’ in schools since the start of the pandemic.

Another challenge facing the business is the risk of an avian influenza outbreak.

“It’s been tapping me on the shoulder for the last few springs. Should an outbreak take place within 3km of the farm, I would be unable to go out to schools delivering eggs,” she said.

Witty business names continue to be a hit with consumers

Simply Business research found that a third of consumers would be more likely to use a business with a funny or witty name.

Meanwhile, nearly nine in 10 (88 per cent) consumers prefer to shop at small, local, or independent businesses when compared to larger chains, according to our research.

Alan Thomas, UK CEO at Simply Business, commented: “The impact that a memorable name can have on your business is incredible – people are really warm to small businesses who have shown their personality through an imaginative name – and Eggucation is a worthy winner of our annual competition.”

Here at Simply Business, we know all about the impact of having a unique name that makes your business stand out – whether that’s on your website or the high street.

If you’re looking for light-hearted inspiration for a witty business name, our Business Name Generator can help you get started.

Meanwhile, our TV advert, You Name It. We Insure It, shines a light on the wit and creativity of small business names across the UK. Watch it below and read more about our campaign.

Useful guides for small businesses

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