Get a new business name using this generator. Why not give it a go?

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Business Name Generator

A name says a lot about a business and helps build trust with your customers. Why not use our Business Name Generator for some light-hearted inspiration?

Why use our Business Name Generator?

Find inspiration for your business name with our Business Name Generator, whether you’re just starting out or thinking about a rebrand. Our playful puns might just help spark your creativity when it comes to naming your business.

How to use our Business Name Generator

All you need to do is enter your line of work into the search bar above and our Business Name Generator will do the rest. Our tool comes up with names at random, so you’ll see plenty of fun ideas inspired by your trade or profession.

Benefits of a catchy business name

Having a catchy business name helps you stand out and become memorable. A good name shows personality, creativity and is something your target audience can relate to. It’s also the starting point for your logo and marketing, so it’ll play an important role in setting you apart from your competition. We celebrate some of the best names in business as part of our You name it. We insure it campaign.

What to do after you’ve used our Business Name Generator

Once you’ve got your name, you’ll want to think about business insurance to protect your business from everyday risks like accident, damage and legal fees. Popular covers include public liability insuranceemployers’ liability insurance, and professional indemnity insurance. You might also want to add stock or tool cover depending on your business.

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