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Covid-19 risk assessment template for small businesses

3-minute read

Covid-19 risk assessment template for small businesses
Jessie Day

Jessie Day

28 May 2020

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As an employer you have a legal responsibility to protect your employees from health and safety risks. Already have a risk assessment in place? Download our coronavirus-specific template to ensure you’re up-to-date and ready for business. Keep reading for more on who it applies to, and when you might need it.

Use it to help your employees, clients, and any visitors to your business premises stick to the government guidelines on hygiene and social distancing.

Coronavirus risk assessment template - free Word download

Choose to download your template now, or get it directly from Farillio’s site where you’ll also get access to their full suite of customisable legal templates.

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Why use a Farillio template?

Farillio provides a range of easy-to-use legal templates, created especially for small businesses. Your legal needs will be different to larger businesses and Farillio have taken that into account. We’ve partnered with them so that you’ll have a range of straightforward legal resources at your fingertips. Get three free months of access to their full suite of business and legal support documents, guides, and videos, and tap in to their team of legal experts by visiting the Farillio website.

Covid-19 business risk assessments: why are they important?

A structured assessment template gives you practical guidance. You can start working this into your activities straightaway or when needed, preparing your business for the near future. Run through our updated government guidelines on coronavirus too, for advice on how to ease your business out of lockdown.

From staggering shifts to new hand-washing facilities, your coronavirus risk assessment should give you the confidence to reopen or start work again safely.

Remember, you must not reopen if your business is closed in line with current government rules. Use to check if you’re allowed to open.

Does my business need a risk assessment?

Even if you’re not legally allowed to (or can’t) open yet, getting ahead on your risk planning can help you prepare for when you do eventually reopen.

The government has made it clear that employees shouldn’t be forced into an unsafe workplace, and your assessment can help minimise this risk.

Here are a few of the key business areas where a thorough Covid-19 risk assessment should be considered:

Shops, branches and retailers

By definition, shops are built for visitors. Whether that’s customers, suppliers, salespeople, delivery services or employees, everyone’s needs should be factored in and kept safe accordingly.

Construction and other outdoor work

This kind of work is wide-ranging and includes people in construction, energy and utilities, forestry, street, highway and railway services, farming and agriculture, waste management and other infrastructure.

Risk assessments will already be part of your day-to-day business life, but these should be reviewed against Covid-19 guidelines, and updated where necessary.

Do you work in construction? Our government coronavirus advice for going back to work in the construction industry provides lots of specific advice for businesses in this sector.

Factories, plants and warehouses

Again, any existing risk assessments you have in this sector should be updated with specific coronavirus guidance. The government highlights manufacturing and chemical plants, food plants, warehouses, distribution centres and port operations within this group.


Whether you’re a small office-based accountancy firm or your business also runs a contact centre or operations room, you’re legally required to keep employees and visitors safe whilst on your premises.

If you work in other people’s homes

This will cover a huge number of small businesses, and the government acknowledges the complex environment you’re working with. They’ve defined the category as including ‘those working in, visiting and delivering to home environments’, which is likely to cover repair services, plumbers, cooks, fitters and delivery drivers.

Takeaway and delivery restaurants

From cafes providing takeaway services to pubs operating as temporary off-licenses, risk assessments will be part of your business life. However, these should be updated with specific Covid-19 guidance.

If you work in or from a vehicle

Couriers, mobile workers, on-site transit, work vehicles, field forces and lorry drivers all fall under the government’s recommendation for a specific coronavirus risk assessment.

Do you drive for work? Read through our specific coronavirus and social distancing guidance for van drivers, couriers and others who drive for work.

Are you open for business and using a Covid-19 risk assessment template? Let us know in the comments below.

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