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18 February 2019

Life after the Makers Academy coding bootcamp

After completing the Makers Academy coding bootcamp I joined Simply Business at a junior engineer. This is what it's like to go from learning to code to working in FinTech.

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19 February 2019

A guide to acing your CISSP exam

8 months after joining Simply Business as a Cyber Security Analyst I completed my CISSP exam. Here are my top tips studying for this qualification

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14 August 2018

Notes from ElixirConf EU 2018 (part 3)

Batch data processing in Elixir - Elixir Conference in Warsaw

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05 July 2018

Thoughts and Notes from Women of Silicon Roundabout 2018

“Two decades in management, 18 years in Tech this is my personal journey and some of my Life & Diversity lessons learned”

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03 July 2018

Notes from ElixirConf EU 2018 (part 1)

Some of the most interesting talks from the Elixir Conference in Warsaw

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11 July 2018

Notes from ElixirConf EU 2018 (part 2)

Another interesting talk from the Elixir Conference in Warsaw

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21 November 2017

Block a specific gem version in your Gemfile in Bundler

Bundler has an undocumented feature that lets you block particular versions of a gem. Here's how to do it

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06 October 2017

Implementing Active/Standby Master Process

This blog post explains how we can use Zookeeper to implement an active/standby configuration of a master process

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06 September 2017

Zookeeper Service Availability

This blog post explains when Zookeeper service is available and when not

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29 August 2017

Introduction to Zookeeper

How to install, setup, run and connect to Zookeeper

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