Life’s a pitch.

And we’re off! Everyone’s gathered into the big meeting room, ready to either give or vote on those daring to put forward their pitch for the hack day next week!

Watch here for live updates:

11:33am – Arvi is pitching his idea for a tool to regain control of the data that other people hold about you.

11:40am – Next up we have Petra, pitching a means to access your insurance policy details via mobile.


11:43am – Now up we have Martin Sadler, pitching a web application which displays a neat summary of what’s happening across our GitHub repositories.

11:46am – Martin goes on to pitch ‘Simply Addictive’ – a game where we can captivate people’s attention!

11:49am – Joanna Salter introduces us to Frantick: a way for people to prove that they’re a fan of a band before they can buy tickets to see them perform.


11:53am – A collaborative pitch now from Arti Mathanda and Shiyamala Selvaratnam putting forward their pitch for ‘Simply Service’ (The love child of Yelp, Yell, RatedPeople and SimplyBusiness.)


11:56am – Ben Ashford tells us that ‘Recruiters detract from the sum of human experiences’ and proposes an automated and smart way of tracking down suitable developers.



12:12pm – Bellies full and smiles all round, everyone sits down to see Ali Douglas pitching ‘Project Buffy!


12:16pm – Martin Golder pitches a way that we could incorporate Pennies a charitable giving service into our website.


12:20pm – Tom Layfield speaks of his first world problem ‘gifts always seem to end up going to charity or in the bin’. His solution is ‘CadOoh!’ a system which automatically reminds you of friends birthdays via Facebook, and suggests gifts that they’re likely to actually want.


12:25pm – Jason Stockwood introduces us to You can’t hug every cat and shows off the new YEmotiv mind control device we have in the office inspiring the vast number of good things that could be done with it.


12:30pm – Lukas Oberhuber piches Predator vs Predator, allowing a self-learning facial tracking mechanism to track multiple faces.


12:37pm – Julian Watson suggests that we could find a way of donating professional time rather than money.


12:41pm – Erica Barbato suggests a way of a self-learning mechanism which automatically gives advice to customers on our website based on what other customers are doing.

12:45pm – Fei Phoon introduces us to Wantful a way of automatically reminding you of birthdays and suggesting a gi… hang on a minute!….. On a serious note, she talks of how we could extend the concept into a ‘wizard’ for buying insurance.


12:50pm – Carl puts forward an internal Simply Business program for tracking staff exercise within the company.

12:54pm  – Jennie Stone proposes ‘Park My Ride’ a mobile application for car parking allowing you to automatically find the nearest car parks along with their prices and facilites.


12:58pm – And that concludes the pitches! Arti Mathanda gives us a quick summary of the pitches we’ve just seen before the ‘join the team of your favorite pitch’ segment.


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