Selenium Clicking an ExtJS Checkbox

In this post we continue to discuss selenium testing for a Ext JS application.


Last week, we were writing selenium tests for an Ext JS application when we experienced odd behaviour in which calls to click a checkbox were being totally ignored. Passing either the id of the checkbox or the entire XPath to the checkbox into the selenium click() method made no difference and had no effect.

Having tried pretty much everything else, we gave using the selenium clickAt() method a shot instead. The clickAt() method requires passing in relative co-ordinates indicating whereabouts on the object the mouse should click, so we started with “0,0”.

We’re still not sure of the reasons behind it, but this worked. Using clickAt("checkboxId", "0,0"), the checkbox was now being clicked by selenium.

If you’re having trouble getting Selenium to click a checkbox on your Ext JS application – try the clickAt() method instead of click().

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Edward Woodcock

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