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Coronavirus support for landlords

Landlords – get up-to-date news and free resources

Coronavirus: free resources to support landlords

We know this is a challenging time for landlords. If you’re thinking about how coronavirus might affect your rental property, it can be difficult to know where to turn for up-to-date news and information.

The Simply Business Knowledge centre has free tips and guides to support landlords. With Covid-19 affecting the everyday lives of people across the country, here’s what it could mean for your tenants and property.

Rishi Sunak landlord hero

What does the coronavirus pandemic mean for landlords?

The government has announced a number of measures to support landlords and help their tenants. These include mortgage and rent payment holidays and a ban on evictions.

Our guide has details on how the government intends to keep tenancies going through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Mortgage payment holidays extended

The application deadline for mortgage payment holidays is extended by three months

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has proposed a three-month extension to the initial application period for mortgage payment holidays.

Banks and building societies have also reiterated their commitment to landlords amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Virtual house viewings

How landlords can do virtual house viewings

As a landlord looking to rent out or sell your property, could virtual house tours during the coronavirus pandemic help you kickstart the process?

Our guide to virtual viewing covers virtual house tours and how to run them.

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Property market reopens

The government reopens the property market

There are new guidelines for landlords and tenants as the property market has officially reopened.

But the process of buying and selling a home is going to look very different to how it looked before the coronavirus lockdown.

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Interest rate cut

Interest rate cut means mortgage costs have fallen for landlords

Landlords are seeing the costs of finance decline after the Bank of England cut interest rates at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, in a bid to support the economy.

Lenders have begun to pass on the drop in interest rates to borrowers.

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Repairs and maintenance for landlords

A guide to essential repairs and maintenance during the coronavirus pandemic

The government says that landlords should still carry out urgent, essential repairs and maintenance during the coronavirus outbreak.

But how do you know what's urgent and what can wait? Our guide has more information on your responsibilities.

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Rent payment holiday

The government should clarify what the mortgage payment holiday really means

The government has announced that landlords affected by the coronavirus outbreak can apply for a three-month mortgage payment holiday.

But this doesn't translate to an automatic rent payment holiday for tenants.

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Ban on tenant evictions

What does the ban on tenant evictions mean for landlords?

There’s confusion around what the ban on evictions during the coronavirus outbreak really means.

The difference between serving a notice and starting court proceedings at the end of that notice period is key to understanding the ban.

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Landlords and tenants working together

How landlords and tenants can work together during the coronavirus pandemic

Property experts have encouraged tenants and landlords to work together during this difficult time.

Here's how to keep the lines of communication open – for example, landlords and tenants may be able to help each other access government support.

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Demand for rental properties increases

As demand for rental properties increases, what’s next for landlords?

What kind of contract do you have with your tenants? An assured shorthold tenancy agreement sets out the legal terms and conditions of the tenancy.

Check what to include in a contract and download a template to use for future tenancies. How does it match with your existing agreements?

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Government should cover rent

Experts call for the government to cover tenant rents

The government has already implemented a number of measures to protect landlords and tenants.

But these measures may not prevent some tenants from losing their homes. Here’s why experts think the government should go further.

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Assured shorthold tenancy

Assured shorthold tenancy agreement template

What kind of contract do you have with your tenants? An assured shorthold tenancy agreement sets out the legal terms and conditions of the tenancy.

Check what to include in a contract and download a template to use for future tenancies. How does it match with your existing agreements?

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Tenants run business from home

Can your tenants run a business from home?

With the UK being told to stay indoors, there’s now more discussion than ever about working from home.

This article highlights the rules around running a business from a rented property – you can’t ‘unreasonably’ withhold or delay giving permission to your tenants.

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Coronavirus support for small business

Coronavirus: what support is available for small businesses and the self-employed?

If you’re also a small business owner or self-employed, the government has announced a package of support.

Keep an eye on this article, which we’ll update as new measures get announced.

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