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As a small business, you face unique challenges and risks. This calls for specialist, flexible insurance, tailored to your needs – at Simply Business, that’s exactly what we provide.

We’re an award-winning broker with over 900,000 customers. And now, we’re providing small business insurance for Travelers customers in the UK. Just answer a few simple questions, pick your covers and we’ll show you quotes from a range of insurers in minutes.

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What covers do you need?

There are core covers that every business should consider. The key one is public liability insurance, which can cover you if a member of the public suffers a loss, injury or damage because of your business. We offer different levels of cover, so when getting a quote think about what kind of claim could potentially be brought against you.

If you employee anyone, even temporary or casual workers, employers’ liability insurance is likely to be a legal requirement. If someone becomes injured or seriously ill as a result of working for you, this can cover a claim.

We have more options for different risks. One of these is professional indemnity insurance, which protects your business if a client suffers a financial loss because of your work. Mistakes can happen, so consider all the risks your business faces – and we’ll tailor your policy to suit.


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