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Business Boost terms and conditions

1. Promoter’s name and address
Xbridge Limited, trading as Simply Business, company number 03967717 with registered address at Sixth Floor, 99 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7NG (“Simply Business”. “we”, “us”)

2. How to participate
2.1 As a participant (“you” and “your”) in the Business Boost promotion run by Simply Business (“the Promotion”), you must abide by these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) in order for your entry and participation in the Promotion to be valid.
2.2. In order to enter the Promotion you must enter all of the information listed in this clause before selecting the ‘submit’ button:
2.2(a). Full name;
2.2(b). Registered company number and registered company address;
2.2(c). Mobile phone number; and
2.2(d). Email address.
2.3. If your business is not registered as a company and you are unable to provide the information required under clause 2.2(b), please provide your home address or address used for your business.
2.4. Please only submit material that you or your company have ownership of or are fully authorised to use. By submitting an entry to the Promotion, you confirm that all information submitted is accurate and complete in all respects, and not misleading.
2.5. Simply Business shall not be liable for any loss or claim made against Simply Business, or you, arising from your submission of materials as part of your entry to the Promotion and Simply Business’ subsequent use of that material for the purposes of the Promotion and any associated marketing.
2.6. By entering the Promotion, you hereby indemnify Simply Business and hold us harmless against any claims (however such claims may arise) for any use or display of such material submitted by you, including without limitation any such material published or referred to by us that infringes the intellectual property rights of any third parties.
2.7. Entries which are incomplete, misspelt, inaudible, or incomprehensible are void and will not be entered into the promotion.
2.8. One entry per person and business. Any entry made in violation of this clause 2.8 (including without limitation by any connected person or other entity) will be void and that person or those persons will be excluded from the Promotion.
2.9 Any entries or winners who are shown to have provided inaccurate, false or misleading information will be disqualified and their entry will not be considered. In the event that they have won the competition we will not pay the Prize or may recall the Prize and an alternative winner will be selected. Any company which is disqualified will not be permitted to submit any further entries.

3. Start and Closing Dates
The Promotion will open on 15th June 2022. All entries for the Promotion must be received by 17th August 2022. Any entries received after 17th August 2022 will be rejected.

4. Winner announcement
4.1. A shortlist of up to five (5) entries will be selected by 14 September 2022 from entries that are deemed legitimate and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by us on or before 14 September 2022, and will be requested to provide one video (to be no longer than three (3) minutes in total length) to Simply Business by 21st September 2022. The video shall be a pitch to us of your business idea and the reason why you should win the Prize.
4.2. The winner will be selected from the shortlist and shall be chosen by the panel of judges (“the Judges”) after the Judges have reviewed and assessed the merits of each shortlisted entry and video. The Judges may change from time to time. The winning entry will be judged on factors including without limitation:

  • projected growth;
  • innovation and aspiration;
  • social impact; and
  • potential contracts to be won and potential for partnerships to be forged.

4.3. By entering the Promotion you acknowledge that if you are selected as the winner your name, your image, your business idea, your intellectual property, your company and your business may be used in publicity by Simply Business.
4.4. The winner will be announced on 14th October 2022 at The winner will also be notified personally as soon as practicable.
4.5. We will notify the winner directly by email.
4.6 By entering the Promotion, you consent to the receipt of any updates, information, and/or marketing material relating to the Promotion.

5. Eligibility
5.1 The Promotion is open to all budding entrepreneurs and / or United Kingdom registered companies which fit the following criteria being:
5.1(a) the company must be set up and actively trading, and will preferably be registered as a company in the UK;
5.1(b) the company must have a business bank account that is not used for personal expenditure;
5.1(c) the company must not have received more than £50,000 (aggregate) of private funding in the past two years of trading; and
5.1(d) the company must not have an annual turnover exceeding £500,000.
Companies that do not yet exist (i.e. are not actively trading or that do not own any assets or have a business bank account) will not be considered. You acknowledge and accept that we may ask you to provide evidence of your eligibility for the Promotion, as well as making use of publicly available information regarding your company.

Please note the following restrictions and requirements apply:
5.3. Our employees and their immediate families are ineligible to enter the Promotions.
5.4. Any Company owned or controlled by a Judge are ineligible to enter for that Promotion.

6. The Prize The prize for the Promotion is a cash deposit of £25,000 (“the Prize”).
6.1. The Prize will be paid into the company’s bank account provided by you by no later than 30 days from the point at which the winner has been announced (if you are the winner and do not have a business account, please let us know and make arrangements to open a business bank account as soon as possible).
6.2. The winner must provide correct business bank account details and sufficient information as per the eligibility criteria stated in these Terms and Conditions, and to ensure that Simply Business is able to make secure payment of the Prize to a business bank account.
6.3. You will be responsible for, and will account to the appropriate authorities for, all tax liabilities or similar contributions payable in respect of the Prize and we take no responsibility and accept no liability for such tax liabilities.

7. Winner publicity 7.1. In the event that you are the winner, you accept and agree that we have the right, without additional payment or permission, to use your name, company name, logo, submission details, and address for the purposes of announcing the winner of the Promotion and for all related promotional purposes. All data will be kept in accordance with our terms and conditions including without limitation our Data Protection Policy.
7.2. In the event that you are the winner, you must accept and agree to at least one filming session for at least one promotional video that can be used and distributed at the discretion of Simply Business. By entering the Promotion and accepting these Terms and Conditions, you accept and agree to enter into an agreement with Simply Business that shall specify the requirements for these filming sessions and associated marketing materials.
7.3. In the event you are the winner, you must accept and agree to be part of the following year’s judging panel of Business Boost. This will include joining the online judging call to decide the winner as well as other reasonable requests of your time.

8. Entries 8.1. All entries and submissions will become the intellectual property of Simply Business upon receipt and will not be returned to you. By entering the Promotion, you give Simply Business an irrevocable and perpetual license to use any materials referred to in these Terms and Conditions for marketing purposes.
8.2. Simply Business will own all copyright in the entry.

9. Winning entry details The name of the winner [and the winning entry] will be sent to anyone who writes to us at the address above, within 3 months of the winner being announced provided you enclose a stamped addressed envelope and mark your request as “requesting details of the winning entry” with the closing date of the Promotion.

10. Data privacy
10.1. We would like to keep you informed of the competition
Please write to us at the address above if you specifically do not want to receive this information by email or you can email us at [email protected] You will also be asked to give your consent to receiving marketing material when entering the Promotion. If you do not consent to the receipt of marketing material from us, we will delete your personal data after the completion of the Promotion.
10.2. We will not pass your email address to third parties for marketing purposes, however, by submitting an entry in the Promotion you consent to details being passed on to our Judges.

11. Rules
These Terms and Conditions may vary from time to time, to reflect amongst other things differences in the Promotion, selection process or entry rules, the prizes and in eligibility criteria. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Business Boost terms and conditions 2022

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