Simply Business launches SB TechEx MeetUp group London

Simply Business runs regular events for its insurtech MeetUp group – SB TechEx, at its London office near Bank. The SB TechEx MeetUp group brings together like-minded technologists interested in driving innovation and pioneering technological change in the insurance and financial sector. Find out more about upcoming events on the SB Tech website. Join us there!

What is SB TechEx?

SB TechEx is a MeetUp community for developers, UX designers, data experts, security professionals, innovators, forward-thinkers, and anyone interested in how traditional industries such as insurance are adapting rapidly to new technologies.

The SB TechEx MeetUp group is hosted by us at Simply Business – an online business insurance broker for small businesses that has been pioneering technological change in the insurance sector for more than a decade. Find out more about what we do in Tech at Simply Business.

Why attend an SB TechEx event?

With over 62,000 tech events happening in Europe alone, it can be difficult to know which to choose. At Simply Business, our vision for SB TechEx was to create something better, to drive innovation in technology to support the success of small businesses, to enable our people to thrive and have a positive impact on the industry.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of attending a Simply Business technology event is to sync with like-minded technologists, find out and discuss trending technology, be inspired and make new friends.

What happens at an SB TechEx event?

At our MeetUps and events, you’ll hear from the experts, including Simply Business’s Chief Technology Officers and our tech leaders. There’ll be presentations on a variety of topics by engineers, data analysts, product specialists and testers. They’ll talk about the technology platforms we use, our projects and some of the challenges our product teams face, including solutions we’ve come up with at Simply Business.

Our aims at SB TechEx are to:

  • Build a supportive and inclusive network for those working in technology.
  • Demonstrate a route into tech and the potential for future career identities.
  • Showcase the business’s technology and encourage open discussions.
  • Establish an affiliated Technical Excellence group that can, in future, work with various networks to build a stronger community.

SB TechEx regularly teams up with other technology MeetUp groups in London, including Time to React, Scala in the City, Rails Girls, Codebar, CTO’s of London, Ruby Hacknight, London Codedojo, Inspiring Women in Data Science and Intertech.


Our values

Learning: We’re passionate about our guests being able to explore new ways of developing their teams and businesses; we want that to be something that SB TechEx can showcase.

Empowerment: An integral part of our culture and business strategy at Simply Business. We want everyone to recognise that they are empowered to achieve what they’re determined to achieve.

Authenticity: We recognise that everyone has something amazing to contribute to SB TechEx and we want to support people from diverse backgrounds to work with us and be themselves.

Pioneering: SB TechEx are innovators and creators of change. We want to connect with the technology industry and share our drive for technical excellence.

Simplicity: Building systems and finding the simplest solution for even the most complex of technical challenges; we’re constantly growing our ability to craft an industry-respected portfolio of products that creates results that matter.

Who can join us at SB TechEx events?

The SB TechEx group is open to anyone with an interest in technology who works in London. You don’t have to come to every event – just pick the ones you like the look of.

Join us for our regular MeetUps and events to network with experts, discuss trends in technology as well as non-technical issues, in an open and inclusive forum.

We hold our MeetUps at our modern office in the heart of the city at 99 Gresham Street, Bank, London. Our spacious auditorium has capacity for 150 people. See the space for yourself in our SB London office 360 video tour!


SB Tech event at our London office

To join the SB TechEx MeetUp group, visit:

Follow SBtechies on Instagram.

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