Hack Something Better: Hacking Away, day 2

Hack Something Better, our 2016 company-wide hackathon, is well underway! We’re currently in day two of our (mostly) annual hackathon, and the pressure is increasing for teams to produce a quality product before the judging tomorrow.

It’s been non-stop brainstorming, creating, and coding since yesterday, interrupted only by mad dashes to the piles of food that periodically appear. Teams are grappling with problems across a variety of spaces, from implementing a serverless architecture with AWS Lambda to creating services to offer insurance in Polish to building beautiful dashboards for the data we have flowing through the business. As the hours left for hacking wind to a close, teams have found themselves forced to make some tough decisions about which paths to follow and features that might need to be abandoned.

Some of the teams have already completed the bulk of the functionality and are able to focus now on the bells and whistles … check out the progress of the robotic drinks trolley below!

We’re excited to see the final results at tomorrow’s event. Don’t forget to follow us on @TechSB for the latest updates on the hackathon!

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Simply Business Editorial Team

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