Hack Something Better: Hackathon 2016

We’re getting so excited for our upcoming 2016 Hackathon, Hack Something Better! Hack days are early next week, 23-24 May, and teams have already been formed. Pitch Day resulted in ideas that spanned an impressive range of themes, from using IBM Watson’s Speech to Text technology to analyse customer calls to a Tinder-inspired swiping price estimator to a robotic drinks trolley for automated access to the vital Friday drinks stash.

Since the hackathon is only two days long, we’re encouraging a focus on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as the outcome rather than a full-fledged, perfect product. During the hack days next week, teams will put aside their day jobs and spend all day hacking away on their projects (interrupted only by food deliveries!) in preparation for Demo Day on Wednesday, 25 May. At Demo Day, prizes will be awarded for winners of a variety of categories. Teams will be judged by our esteemed panel including Simply Business leadership team members, a guest from our partner charity WhizzKidz, and members of IBM Watson who are supporting the hackathon.

We’ll be covering the hack days and demo day on this blog, so stay tuned for updates. Be sure to follow our hashtag #HackSomethingBetter and @TechSB on Twitter!

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