Simply Pitchness: 2015 Hackathon, coming soon!

We’re getting excited for our upcoming 2015 Hackathon, Simply Pitchness! Hack days are next week, 16-17 April, but Pitch Day is tomorrow morning.

Anybody within the company is able to pitch one or more ideas for the development team to bring to life. There are no restrictions on ideas that can be presented – they may be directly related to the work that we do at Simply Business or something completely out of the box.

We’ll be having a pitching session tomorrow (8 April). Each pitch will be limited to 3 minutes and is expected to follow lean principles, presenting a hypothesis upon which the idea is based, along with the measures of success. Since the hackathon is only two days long, we’re encouraging a focus on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as the outcome.

During the actual hack days next week, teams will spend all day hacking away on their projects (interrupted only by the ever-so-important food deliveries!) in preparation for Demo Day.

We’ll be closely covering Pitch Day, Hack Days, and Demo Day on this blog, so stay tuned. Be sure to follow our hashtag #SimplyPitchness and @TechSB on Twitter!

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Simply Business Editorial Team

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