Inaugural Snowplow London Meetup


Here at Simply Business we have been working hard to build a state-of-the-art data capability that puts game-changing insight into the hands of our business users, helping them in their quest to change the world of small business insurance.

At the heart of this capability is our recently implemented event analytics platform, based (with much appreciation) on the excellent open source work done by the Snowplow analytics team. Snowplow have, in our opinion, been leading the thinking on how to capture and expose rich business event data and we are very proud that they are doing this from just up the road in Shoreditch.

We are not the only company to be pushing forward in this space. This past Wednesday, we hosted the first ever Snowplow London community Meetup, and were exceedingly pleased to be joined by a large number of UK firms who are also testing the limits of data-sophistication.

The Meetup included two content talks, the first from who detailed how they are using Cascalog to solve difficult sessionisation and other analytics problems at scale. In the second we explained how at Simply Business we mine our event level data to create sophisticated marketing channel attribution models – check out a quick recap of the presentation below!

Simply Business and Snowplow – Multichannel Attribution Analysis

Snowplow presentation

The evening was rounded out with beers, pizzas and plenty of idea sharing amongst the attendees. A heartfelt thanks to the Snowplow team and all who joined us. Be sure to sign up to our Meetup group and we hope to see you at the next one!

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Stewart Duncan

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