Resolve your unpaid invoices with invoice finance

Resolve your unpaid invoices with invoice finance

  • Collect money from invoices
  • Improve your cashflow
  • Easy setup
  • Get paid within 24hrs

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Simple solutions for unpaid invoices to improve your business

Problems collecting money from your invoices? Are you spending more and more time to collect the invoice of your customer?

The Invoice Finance Solution

Invoice finance is an alternative lending solution that can help your business manage its cashflow and invoices more efficiently. It can also be used instead of a business loan or an overdraft, for a cash injection which will allow your business to grow.

Using our simple service, you can compare quotes for invoice finance facilities (factoring or invoice discounting) that are most suitable for your business and speak with an experienced professional at finance experts, Aldermore Bank, who will help you set up the facility with the finance company of your choice.

How can invoice finance help you?

  • Solve the problem of late payments by customers
  • Release cash tied up in your unpaid invoices
  • Balance your cashflow by regulating your income
  • Grow your business with a cash injection
  • No need for expensive overdrafts or loans 

Common questions about invoice finance

Q: Is invoice finance right for my business?
A: If your business raises invoices, you can probably unlock cash from those invoices now. Types of business that use this form of lending include recruitment consultancies, couriers, media agencies, printing firms, wholesalers and many more.

Q: What will my customers think of me using invoice finance?
A: There is no stigma attached to invoice finance. Companies use it to release cash for ongoing growth as often as to help manage cashflow. However, if you would rather your customers didn’t know, there are products available which will keep it under the radar. Invoice discounting allows you to release the funds in your unpaid invoices without your customers knowing.

Q: How soon can I receive payment for my invoices?
A: Once your facility is set up you can receive cash for your invoices within 24 hours. You can receive up to 90% of the invoice value as a cash advance.

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  • Up to 90% of your unpaid invoices advanced
  • Less need for personal security
  • Create a healthy cashflow



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