Show your customers you have the right insurance

Proving you're covered

Displaying a Simply Business certification logo on your website or van will make it easy for customers to know you're properly insured, then and there. 

If you bought your policy on or after 1 February, 2014

Please call us on 0845 071 0270 or send an email to to request your proof of policy stickers. We'll happily send you your free stickers to pop on your van window or equipment to show your customers that you're insured. 

Did you buy your policy before February 2014?

If you bought a business insurance policy with us before February 2014, just sign in to your account below, and choose what you need.

Sign in to your account to link your insurance badge to your website

Display free stickers on your company vehicle or premises

If you don't have a website or you simply want to show your customers you have insurance with us, we offer free window and outdoor stickers that you can use on your business van or business premises.

Click here to order your free stickers

Download our insurance certification logo for your business stationery

Simply select the image format you want to use and download the files directly to your computer.