Landlord contents insurance for buy-to-let investors

Landlord contents insurance for buy-to-let investors

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Add landlord content insurance for your furnished buy-to-let

Landlords with furnished rental properties can spend a lot of money on furniture and fittings, so it’s important to have a landlord insurance policy which includes contents cover  to protect those assets. 

What does landlord contents insurance cover?

Furniture, fixtures and fittings can represent a significant investment for landlords, particularly if you own a number of rental properties. Contents insurance for landlords is designed to protect that investment against the risk of damage or theft.

You can buy landlord contents insurance as part of a complete landlord policy that can also include landlord building insurance and landlord liability insurance.

What level of landlord contents insurance do you need?

The amount of landlord contents cover you require will depend on the value of the items in your properties. But many landlords choose to buy more cover than they need at the time, in anticipation of refitting their properties or expanding their portfolios.

Buying your contents insurance

Simply Business offers contents cover as part of a flexible landlord insurance policy

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  • Add on any additional covers you need
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Making a claim

Here is an example of a landlord insurance claim:

The incident:
The tenants of the property were on holiday for a week in June and on their return found that entry had been gained and a considerable amount of damage had been caused. The hot water cylinder, radiators and pipe work had been ripped out and damage was sustained by escape of water. The local police were contacted by the neighbours who phoned when they heard commotion from the property. The police confirmed there was forced entry to the front door.

What did the Insurance Company pay for?
The cost to replace the hot water cylinder, radiators and pipe work as well as drying out the property due to the water escaping.
The cost to fix/repair the damage to the front door.
The cost to replace any damage to flooring or walls caused by the water damage.
If the property was uninhabitable, the cost for the tenants to have alternative accommodation that is comparable to their current living situation.

What the insurance did not pay for:
The excess displayed in the schedule

Details to look out for on your policy

  • Make sure you read and understand any exclusions to your policy. Simply Business offers you the chance to read the policy documents in full before you buy.
  • Remember that you may have an obligation under your tenancy agreements to purchase landlord building insurance.
  • Make sure you do not undervalue your furniture, fixtures and fittings when purchasing contents insurance.
  • Your contents cover does not insure any of your tenants’ belongings, so it is important to let them know that they should invest in their own contents insurance.

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