Coffee shop insurance

Coffee shop insurance

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Tailor our retail insurance to fit your coffee shop

We understand that running a coffee shop is a lot of work, but buying business insurance to cover your shop doesn't need to be.  Comparing and buying coffee shop insurance from Simply Business is simple and quick.  We offer insurance cover in just minutes for coffee shops, cafes, diners, and sandwich bars.

We cater for your business with insurance policies to suit your needs. Include public liability insurance, employers' liability insurance for your staff (part-time or full-time), and business premises cover in one simple policy. Tailor the business insurance policy to your unique requirements by adding optional covers.

Buying your coffee shop insurance

It’s easy to buy your shop insurance at a competitive price with our clear, simple insurance quote form.

  1. Build the right policy using our simple form
  2. Compare quotes from a range of trusted insurers
  3. Choose a quote and buy your policy online
  4. Speak to our UK insurance team if you get stuck
  5. Receive your documents online instantly

Building your coffee shop insurance policy

Public liability insurance for coffee shops - As the owner of a coffee shop, you are responsible for the welfare of the customers that enter your premises. You will need public liability cover in case a member of the public is injured or their property damaged while in contact with your business.
Read more about our public liability insurance

Employers' liability insurance for coffee shops- If you have staff, even part-time or temporary, you need to include employers' liability cover in your business insurance policy.
Read more about our employers' liability insurance

Product liability insurance
for coffee shops - Product liability cover is included in your sandwich shop insurance policy when you add public liability cover. Because you work with (fresh) food, this product liability insurance can protect you against claims such as food poisoning.
Read more about our product liability insurance

Business interruption insurance for coffee shops - When you take out shop insurance for your business, consider adding business interruption cover. This will ensure that you do not lose all your income if you are forced to temporarily stop trading due to damage to your business premises or equipment.  You will also need to include separate cover for your premises and equipment in your policy.

Coffee shop premises insurance- You can insure your premises against damage to the building from disasters such as fire and flood. If you rent your business space, you are unlikely to need buildings insurance, however you should contact your commercial landlord to make sure.
Read more about business buildings insurance

Fixtures & fittings (including tenants improvements) - If you make improvements to your coffee shop (kitchen, bar, seating area) our insurance policy will take these improvements into account.

Stock cover for coffee shops - If you keep stock on your premises, it is sensible to insure it separately from your contents insurance. The value of stock can run to thousands or tens of thousands of pounds, so if it was damaged, destroyed or stolen, your stock cover would pay the cost of replacements.

Loss of money cover for coffee shops - If your coffe shop is busy, it is likely to handle significant amounts of cash on a daily basis. Even if you are careful when you transport money to the bank or store your cash in a safe, your hard-earned money could still be stolen or go missing. Our loss of money insurance will cover this loss.

Goods in transit cover - If you purchase your stock at a foodmarket or cash and carry, the last thing you need is for those purchases to be damaged or stolen before making it to your shop. Our goods in transit cover also covers deliveries and orders from your customers.

Details to look out for

  • Make sure you read and understand the exclusions and excess on your policy before you buy.
  • Most employers have a legal responsibility to take out employers’ liability insurance. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to £2,500 per day.
  • If you rent your premises, check with your landlord whether you need buildings insurance cover.

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