Public liability insurance for cleaners

Public liability insurance for cleaners

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Professional business insurance tailored for your cleaning business

Without cleaners, many office buildings, homes, and communcal spaces would look dirty and scruffy. But, because you are working in other peoples' domains, it is important to insure yourself against possible damage caused by your work. 

We offer cleaners' insurance policies that you can tailor to suit your needs. Essential covers should include public liability insurance for cleaners and employers' liability insurance for cleaning companies (if you employ staff).

With Simply Business, you can choose from a range of optional covers that can be included in your cleaners' business insurance policy. Our easy-to-follow quotation process is the only one that offers a choice of up to eight insurers.

Special cleaners' business insurance solutions

Our quote form is already set up for specific cleaning professions, so it only requests details relevant to you. Get started by clicking on your cleaning profession - you'll soon be comparing quotes from up to 8 insurers.

Office cleaner

If you are cleaning offices, you work in a environment with expensive office equipment. What if you spill some water on a computer screen? The costs of replacing computers, printers and other office equipment, not to mention fixtures and fittings, can be very high. A public liability insurance policy for office cleaners is therefore essential.

Carpet and curtain cleaners

Curtain and carpet cleaners should take out public liability insurance. If you use an office or depot, you could add a business building insurance policy as well.

Domestic cleaner

Damaging a customer's personal items while you're cleaning can easily happen. Often a situation can be resolved by replacing or fixing the item, so public liability insurance is a must-have when it comes to domestic cleaning. If you have a home cleaning business with staff, you also have a legal responsibility to take out employers' liability insurance.

Drains cleaner

Compare quotes for drain cleaners' public liability insurance. Protect yourself and your business for situations that can arise when you are working. Combine your drainers' insurance policy with drain cleaning tools cover and employers' liability insurance if you employ staff. Tools cover in particular is useful for replacing equipment when loss, damage or theft has left you with a financial gap.

Swimming pool cleaners

If you damage a swimming pool during the cleaning process, the costs are usually high. Protect yourself and your business by taking out a public liability insurance policy. Combine your insurance policy with swimming pool tools and equipment cover for your cleaning business. If you employ staff, employers' liability insurance is essential as well.

Wheelie bin cleaner

A basic public liability insurance policy should be enough to cover your services. However, if you use expensive equipment to clean the wheelie bins, adding tools cover to your business insurance policy could be necessary as well.

Cooking and ironing cleaning services

Cooking and ironing for customers can be a fullfilling job, especially when you perform your services for elderly people. However, there is always the danger of accidentally damaging the property of your clients in the process. In these cases, a public liability insurance policy is essential to cover any resulting costs.

What our insurance covers for cleaners

Business interruption (income protection insurance) – Simply Business offers business interruption cover so that if your business cannot continue to operate because of fire, flood or theft/damage to equipment, you can still receive some revenue.

The failure to secure property cover is available with our professional indemnity insurance.

Cover for property being worked on is usually already included with our business insurance. When you compare quotes, you should look for the standard excess that comes with this cover. 

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